2019 LEGO Pre-Holiday Catalog Honest Thoughts & Opinions

Let’s take a look at the Pre-Holiday
2019 catalog by LEGO. and it says we got over 25 new sets oh wow I want to how
many of those sets are turds so just as a fair warning this is going to be an
opinion video this is my thoughts so I’m gonna be honest with you I’ve already
went through this and it doesn’t look too appealing well the first set here
was we have the gingerbread house which is the main one on the front cover and
what I can tell this looks like a really nice build and what is it for $100
$99.99 for 1477 pieces so it looks like you get a complete house we have a
little inner area with a Christmas tree and a kitchen area a fireplace we got a
bedroom with a small bathroom this has a nice adorable build and like this
probably the best set in this whole catalog I have nothing but positive
stuff to say about this this is a playable model this would be good also
as a conversation piece I’m not much into those brick hero things I’m not
really into the Lego calenders here we have the Disney Train now I’d like to
start building trains free hands this may not being a good model and the Train
is $330 for what is it 2900 something pieces yeah train sets are usually
expensive we’ll let that one slide okay then we have our modulars the assembly
square is always might gonna be my favorite I don’t own this one I don’t
own that this corner garage thing honestly this still looks like junk so
I’m not gonna bother with that we got these cars and the when is this the
hardy davidson yes yeah looks like nice detail bills this looks really nice we
got the roller coaster and the ferris wheel
these are still a bit overpriced but what I heard and what I see in the
pictures it’s like you get a good quality bill now this is where the
catalog starts taking a turn south nothing really good we got this Apollo
space thing I’m not really interested in that it just that’s more like a
conversation piece and of course we got the windmill looks like it just does
since there are spins and I believe that those are included and I can care less
about Steamboat Willie I mean who wants to build things out of white and black
bricks treehouse is ugly I could have built better than that now here’s one
thing I want to share my thoughts and opinions on and stuff is we have lego
friends and the TV show not the Lego series set thing what kid is gonna
relate to friends last time I watched friends was years ago and I only watched
a handful of episodes and just couldn’t tolerate it it was more like a modern
Three’s Company than a house and in here we got the Flintstones and what kid
today is gonna know what Flintstones are you know you know Flintstones
was out before my time but these are more like adult sitcom so let’s Legos
targeting adults what are these doing in a magazine targeted for younger builders
is beyond me and here we have Harry Potter I really can’t say anything about
Harry Potter I just cannot get into the theme some of the bills look okay but
it’s mostly accessory stuff and if you need the parts for mocks forget it then
you got your Star Wars I’m not really in the Star Wars these obviously look junky
here we got the smaller version of the Millennium Falcon it’s okay okay he’s pretty creepy so I don’t think I
want to run into Yoda especially as scary as he is we just said is that
transparent imagine all those transparent 1×2 as you get Wow all right
and then you get r2d2 and I forgot his name and some of the stuff doesn’t look
appealing now if you’re into UCS this is really good
this is the imperial star destroyer it is $699 now that does seem pricey but
you get a good quality bill I owe the Death Star lots of detail this has got a
lot of detail but looks more like a display piece so if you’re not really
into Star Wars and you I wouldn’t waste your time and money on getting those
four parts and then we got the lego jurassic world Jurassic Park stuff and
I’m not really into dinosaurs and I know a friend of mine is and he says he gets
these for the dinosaur figures but honestly these built to look they lack
and play value I can skip past those then we got adventures I can care laughs
look how junky these are this is junky builds I mean I don’t want to spend time
building this I could just this would put me asleep I’m getting sleepy looking
at this page right here and then lego ninjago I’m gonna be honest who cares
about those I don’t care about him then we have lego city and this is what is
this the snow resort yeah ski resort this doesn’t look like a
very exciting build it’s not really complete Lego City has been lacking
lately and we’ve got some kind of race car thing I don’t care much about and no
interactive play so I guess you can use your smartphone for some of these I’m
not into hidden side so you know honestly these look like junky builds
yeah you hear me were using the words junkie and turd I
not filtering these anymore I’m going to express how I feel about certain sets
all right so we got awesome sets it’s like these are from the lego movie I
still would like to get this in its house this reminds me more of a classic
though that I grew up with so I’d like to get that eventually stuff like this
looks junkie Oh want to be God here friends while talking about major turds
of Lego this has got some bright colorful pieces but to buy these for
certain parts I wouldn’t waste your money on these especially like the coral
would be pretty cool to have but honestly if you’re gonna look for these
piece if you’re gonna find these sets final months they’ll find a really cheat
they’re not worth your time I stopped buying friends because they’re just
watered-down stuff then you got Lego Disney that Olaf looks creepy this looks
rather skimpy it looks like some mrs. lacking this looks okay what is that Elsa’s wagon adventure that may be good
for an accessory maybe put some inspiration build your own rewards with
Lego VIP I’m gonna be honest with you I do not like the new Lego VIP system it
it’s horrific alright I’d like to throw in some
colorful language about how I feel about it but I got to keep these filtered and
here we got the app power and excavator and I wish Lego would promote more their
Technic stuff but technic sets are really pricey what is this in here this
is the I can’t lie her r9 9800 excavator and it is four hundred and fifty dollars
kirinda that’s hardcore technic stuff of course you got your technic cars I’d
like to get into technique but it’s just a bit pricey into I’m just not into
building a lot of those type of mocks of course that’s the backside of the manual
complete with censorship and it’s pretty like good robust 4×4 off-roader
so honestly catalog starts out with some really nice builds my sets and then it
becomes junk stuff and I saw a lot of turds in this catalogue so if this is
their their pre holiday catalog I am very disappointed with the stuff that’s
in here I was sick expecting to see more holiday related stuff but as far as for
this gingerbread house if you see this now I’m debating if I should get this I
really don’t care to get it because I can obviously built this blind I can
build this while sleeping I can make a better version of that maybe I should
but honestly and this is a really good set but the rest of this in here I can
walk right past it but that’s my thoughts on this catalog it’s a little
bit blunt but at least I’m not lying to you
most of these sets in here in my opinion are just junk

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15 thoughts on “2019 LEGO Pre-Holiday Catalog Honest Thoughts & Opinions

  1. I like the gingerbread house, Apollo 11 lunar lander, Disneyland train, Steamboat Willie, Central Perk, and Flintstones. You'd be surprised how many people still like Friends. I know teens that watch Friends. I watched the Flintstones on Boomerang (when the channel was awesome) when I was little and still a fan of the show. I like space and history so for me the lunar lander is cool

  2. I also love all these sets. The tree house is awesome. Yoda is great. He has adjustable eyebrows. The dinosaurs are great builds. And have great play value if I had it. I want the ski resort. Looks great. Friends light house is so cool.
    I agree on the new VIP program. I like the old way.
    Thanks for your opinion.

  3. Im curious, when you say that all the stuff is junk do you mean in general? Or junk for the target audience? For you?

  4. finally a youtube video that tells it like it is. Majority of sets are awful. Lego friends set is old
    news and untimely …. a big fat miss. On the otherhand stranger things set was a pleasant surprise. Someone at lego seems to have difficulty evaluating whats good and bad.

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