2019 LEGO Christmas Catalog Thoughts & Opinions

Let’s browse through the 2019 LEGO
Christmas catalog. I’ve already been through this and there is some turds in
there so I’m gonna point out the sets that I don’t like and the ones that I
wish I did have so obviously from the front cover you can tell we have a
couple of turn off especially with the big turd right here which is a LEGO
Friends doll and this pink Cadillac cruiser thing whatever they call it I
don’t know it doesn’t look too appealing we also get a free reindeer with over
the order of $35 or more I think that’s some I don’t know what it says we’ll
look it up here here we go got some other stuff going on here
build to give I’m not giving anything away here’s the reindeer and it’s it’s
between November 4 to November 17 I believe they make sure here yeah forth
through the 17th and have spent 35 dollars more to get that so let’s take a
look at this again here is the the gingerbread house yeah I mean I’m not
gonna lie this looks like a really nice set okay so we’ve got some duple sets as
well for younger builders now for me I’m not in the duplo so there’s no need to
roast these you know if I can’t get into a theme I don’t have much to say about
it but maybe it needs to be great for a young builder but not for an adult like
myself here we have some Toy Story 4 sets yeah you know honestly you still
look half bad so like this little RV I can obviously
built better than that ever idea now we get to City and I’m sorry I know some of
you told me you liked the space themed and stuff but I just can’t get into it
and then how many more fire stations do we need to see I mean I’m rolling my
eyes here literally if I had facecam on this you
we see it the fire trucks look pretty cool but this looks kind of pathetic more police stuff I mean how many more
police chases and stuff can we have in lego city not wasting money on that more
lego crime I mean stop let’s they have a doughnut shop and what
is this in here people pack a funfair Oh for 40 bucks I don’t think so I’m
gonna waste my money on that or if she got the ski-resort some racing stuff
trains are always cool if you got a city and some of these boats are cool hmm I
mean yeah I wish they’d sold those tracks separately nice oh we don’t need
to be going to this page it stinks it’s a bunch of friends oh wow wow these
really are a junkie junkie junkie I mean I’m sorry yeah yeah that’s just a one
side wonder they’re Disney I’m just I bought a few Disney sets if you’re into
memorabilia stuff this would be okay but for something like this this is what is
this a Rendell’s castle village really I could build
something better in Minecraft than that baseplates I heard a rumor that they’re
bringing out white and some other colors I hope so for making classic yeah Lego
classic I use that term very loosely these brick boxes are okay for topping
off a Lego collection but to build a mock out of I may be for younger
builders but half the time they’re just full of smaller pieces you could live
without and overwatch I just can’t get in there what is this Avengers
and it looks like junk Batman not into it but honestly these pills look like
junk more turds we got the you see what this is here you
know let’s see Lego boos creative toolbox
into robotics and stuff that would be okay
minecraft I’m gonna be honest with you my craft store does a really good thing
Lego starting to make these into too many custom parts I just Minecraft I’m
starting to turn away from more and more you know I do have all those by the way
I haven’t gotten to them yet it was legal creator three and one and I I’m
gonna be honest these little modular set deals these are just junk I’ve reviewed
a few of them and they just fall apart so easily and Lego creator three and
ones I’m not I’m just gonna be honest they’re crap they’re not what they used
to be Harry Potter and if you’re into Harry Potter you know what some of these
are really good bills they’re playable I’ve had a few labels Harry Potter sets
and very enjoyable if you’re into the theme I’m not into the theme but it’s
not for this micro build Hogwarts star wars your friend two UCS this would be
great for a novelty display piece but I just can’t get into the theme I have
nothing really bad to say about that except for that Yoda
more like creep oh good oh yeah 800 bucks I really want that me and Falcon
what’s this wiggle hidden side yeah you know some people say the hidden side is
good it just looks like it just looks junky do we everything is there any
other non junky sets in here am I just getting bad pages
or if I just gotten Pitt Oh Ninjago oh man this page really reeks now junkie
junkie junkie dress park like I said in the last thing you know a friend of mine
does have this that’s pretty good VIP stinks I’m not gonna lie you know
some people have said that I get too brutal on these but you know this is
just my opinion right I could lie to you and say everyone he sets his wonderful
run out will buy it but then I would be a known as a liar and I’m not a liar my
mom didn’t raise me to be a hugger so I’m just saying I’m just calling him as
I see him in here and you know something like this this is okay if you’re
collecting the dinosaurs if you’re gonna get into a theme but mostly junk and
these architecture says these are just display pieces but I ought to say
something I’m not interested in it just looks like junk builds especially this
with the two different kite towers I guess they couldn’t get the Golden Gate
Bridge right that’s it’s supposed to be looking off into the distance stranger
things more like junky things and of course Technic if you’re rolling the
hardcore Technic this probably wouldn’t be the good thing to build oh yeah these
are these are a challenge even for me to put together so if you’re really into
technique I think got a lot of good stuff but timing is just overpriced hey
guys lego speed because are the good accessories for a lego city it’s of
course you’re bigger legal things we’ve got the Fat Boy I like I have to say
though Lego really has got this spot-on with these vehicles he’s a really nice
really nice builds I’m not gonna lie they did you know this would be a really
great display piece a roller coaster is a bit pricey but I’ve been piecing this
out yeah it’s probably worth its money and of course the wind turbine and this
is what label creator expert no expert is building something that has about
20,000 pieces that looks ugly I’d like to get the diner this looks very
interesting looks like an enjoyable build still the this is the assembly
square yes that would be worse the bucks right there
what does that retail for 280 bucks for four thousand two pieces
wow that’s and I’m not gonna lie that’s really good I had that it’s good for
parts and everything and the Disney Castle is sticker Haven I won’t even
bother with that but the Train looks cool now someone had told me to put my
money where my mouth is at make and make this treehouse first off send me the
money and I’ll build it too it’s just not a thing I’m really too willing to
build right now I have a bunch of other projects I’d like to build and this
ain’t it so they’ll send me the funds I have a patreon Steamboat Willie I’ve
just lent into black and white builds and the flintstones
the fit figures and maybe the Flintstones car but the house jump and
of course we have LEGO Friends the TV series and some censorship one more look
at this it doesn’t look it doesn’t look appealing to me but the parts do some of
the stuff I could use in box especially this little picture I’ve been looking
for more of those oh that’s probably maybe some good building techniques in
there but yeah what kids gonna relate to that so like I said this is just my
opinions on the lego Christmas catalog for 2019 if if you if you disagree with
me cool let me know but just for me looking through this this is just
nothing nothing to caught my eye except for maybe the gingerbread house and they
did train but the rest of this it’s just
junk I’m not even gonna waste my time it’s a bunch of junk bills I’m not even
gonna waste my money buying that stuff

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15 thoughts on “2019 LEGO Christmas Catalog Thoughts & Opinions

  1. “I could build better than that.”
    Well I can’t. A lot of these sets look kinda neat. Overpriced? Yes. But still fun to wish I had.

  2. i agree with your assessment. I too am quite disinterested in the sets presented so much that i have been looking at older retired sets around 2015 which are more interesting to me than current day.

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