$20 Lego Store Watches ◄ Lego Set Minifigures Unboxing Review ► The Deal Guy

Today a huge deal on the lego watches! Hi.
I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. First of all thank you so much for watching! You
might know by now every day I hunt down huge deals for you and no company pays me to talk
about them. And the lego watches that I’ve found are a great deal this time of the year.
The deal located right under this video window. We’re going to actually hear from one of my
kid testers in a moment but first… you want this or some other upcoming watches for free.
Subscribers get whatever deal I’m featuring for free! At least one randomly selected subscriber
per video gets my deal given away for free so click the subscribe button you see on your
screen right now, you’ll be signed up for all of my big deals and here’s your huge deal
for today. The lego watches…Finally back at under 20
dollars for one or … 18 dollars two … with quick free shipping… the lego watches are
a great buy today. They get marked up by as much as $50 during the holidays.
On Amazon at the time we recorded this, most watches around that $24.99 mark again the
$19.99 price I found with a series of links and styles right under this video window – this
is your best bet. And I reached out to one of our youngest subscribers to test the deal.
“Hi Matt. My Name is Luciana and today we are talking about lego watches. I have mine
on right now. Mine is Stephanie. My brother’s is storm trooper. And my sister’s is Olivia.
My sister likes hers alot and I like mine a lot but my brother likes his alot more than
we do cause he likes Legos. My brother is not here right now because he’s too shy. Make
sure you subscribe to The Deal guy. Bye Matt. Each watch comes with its own figurine. Here
are some of the ones I have and you saw Lucy with this watch that she tested. Now in terms
of the star wars watch… here’s what I like about all of these watches. A kid learns to
tell or an adult in my case and you never outgrow the watch. I’m going to extend this
band to something with more lego pieces. They’re you go! And I’m going to put a Star Wars figurine
and now I’m just ready for a great night of clubbing. What do you think floor director
Jeannie? (from off camera): “Oh you look hot.”(Matt): Oh yeah. There you go. And again the figurines
move and if you want deals on Lego figurines, there’s a deal where for a very limited time
you can get a bunch for $2.98 at Toys R Us with free store pick-up. So there you have
it, the lego watches located right under this video window and now Floor Director Jeannie:
Hi Guys, I’m holding the more adult watches which I’m actually testing in another video
oh and if you want to get these make sure you subscribe to this Youtube channel and
like the videos. Who wouldn’t like the videos? You’re in them! That increases our likes like
300% percent but I’m happy to
have you here. Thank you so much for watching!

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26 thoughts on “$20 Lego Store Watches ◄ Lego Set Minifigures Unboxing Review ► The Deal Guy

  1. hey Mr.Dealguy nice job on the deals again totally love watching you and thank you for taking your time to find the best deal and congratulation to the winners

  2. ohhhh man. My Lego crazy kiddo is getting this for Christmas!

    Also. I have to call you out for saying "Star Trooper"… really? 🙂

  3. dealguy these are some nice watches. I never knew they existed thanks for reviewing them. they will make a good stocking stuffer

  4. I was looking into purchasing 4 of these for Christmas presents.  I found that many people are reporting that these are too fragile for children.  They tend to break right out of the box or after wearing for a few days.  Did your kid tester experience this?

  5. Great deal Matt – watch every am Channel 3 CLE @455am. Is there any cell phone deals coming out (non-apple) and carrier plans?

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