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100 thoughts on “12 Awesome Toys You Totally Forgot About

  1. We don't recommend challenging Kara to a game of Guess Who? 😂

  2. Hey these things are great they are 100 percent vitamin c and 25 percent vitamin a and c buy some now and https// hope ya like em!

  3. i had a aerobie,when i was only 6 then it went flying away onto someones roof and i never saw it again
    and now it would be the best thing to have

  4. 6:28
    In my primary school (I’m in secondary now) we used hulahoops… ( that was like 3 yrs ago ). That’s why I thought that was a newer thing….

  5. We had a SUPER old troll doll it was a blue haired one we only put it on the attic, but one day we took it and started throwing t in the air it got stuck on the roof and then we forgot about it xD

  6. Wow these people dont know how to play with pogs, you put the pogs that are youres in one pile and youre friend will do the same, then u take one pog and so will ur friend and put it in a pile,and u use the slammer and the ones u FLIP OVER are urs

  7. Lots is my childhood game🤩🤩 when I was grade 2, I played and a I have a cardboard of it.

  8. Bruv, if you gave me a slinky I would not throw it in your face.. I would freakin take that and watch it go down the stairs..
    And I'm 10. GG.

  9. Pogs are not forgetten my classmates always play them at class and trolls too are not forgetten FTTV always plays with trolls also slinkies i play with them

  10. I have the original guess who!

    Edit: I wish that the original guess who had an even number of girls and boys bc there is literally like 6 girls and the rest are guys.

  11. Is it weird that I was born in the early 2000's but I know what each and every one of them is. Also you forgot bayblades. Sadness

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