101 Facts About Toy Story

greetings from the factors my name is
Sam and you got a friend in me I can’t sing it properly cuz it might get
claimed cuz I’m so good at singing but today we’re talking about the iconic
animated romp that is Toy Story or Toy Story yes it’s a true milestone in the
history of entertainment and the reason I have a thing for women with names
begin with J you always remember your first
anyway the heartwarming tale of Toy Story has stretched across three films
so far and with another just around the corner what better time to get all
factored up about one of cinema’s most compelling sagas about sentient
wisecracking toys but how did Toy Story irritates fans of mr. Potato Head what
spine-tingling catastrophe almost ruined Toy Story 2 and how can I prove that my
toys are secretly live and platon to kill me like that fortune teller warned
to answer three those questions gonna be answered so grab your hand stitch
polyvinyl hats move the snake the currently resides in your boot and
prepare to go to infinity and as we can show you 101 fact about Toy Story number
1 Toy Story is an animated film series and Disney media franchise that began
with a 1995 film of the same name which was produced by Pixar Animation Studios
and released by Walt Disney Pictures number 2 the franchise is based on the
age-old anthropomorphic concept that inanimate objects in this case toys come
to life when humans aren’t around the film focuses on a diverse group of toys
the principal tackiness of which are classic cowboy doll named sheriff woody
and a modern space ranger action figure named Buzz Lightyear respectively voiced
by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen number 23 not what in the late 80s and early 90s which
we didn’t know at the time constituted humanity’s collective zenith Pixar was
creating short computer animated films to show off the capabilities of the
Pixar image computer one such short was the 1988 animation tin toy which
featured tinny a mechanical tin one-man-band toy who has a no doubt
terrifying encounter with an extremely unsettling animated baby no not that
baby although that is equally disturbing number four after tin toy one on the
Cata me award in 1988 Pixar were approached by Disney with a deal to
produce a computer animated feature film building what they had learnt and chief
so far Pixar decided to base this bold project on the idea of the secret life
of toys which if you didn’t know already its kind of toy stories whole thing
and so work on the film began number five the initial plot call for Tina to
come into conflict with the ventriloquist’s dummy but tinny was
eventually deemed to be to a mobile and simplistic for the intended storyline
and the characters instead changed to a space toy sound familiar yet number six
said space toy was initially named Luna Larry a name that was quickly deemed too
wacky and changed several times alternative names included tempest morph
and star command number seven of course the character was eventually named Rex
I’m just kidding it’s of course Buzz Lightyear this one’s in honor of the
celebrated NASA astronaut Edwin Buzz Aldrin the first person to walk on the
moon who wasn’t called Neil the surname Lightyear comes from the unit of length
defined by the International Astronomical Union as the distance that
light travels in a vacuum in one year roughly equivalent to nine point four
six trillion kilometres number eight indeed was like his design was based on
the suits worn by Apollo astronauts as well as the popular GI Joe range of
action figures number nine in addition the specific color scheme of green and
purple featured in Buzz Lightyear’s design came directly from John Lasseter
the director of Toy Story whose favorite color is green and Lassiter’s wife Nancy
whose favorite color is purple I had incorrectly assumed that the green
and purple was a principled reference to the colors of British Afra Jets which in
retrospect makes very little sense number 10 despite probably being the
most prominent character in the finished film woody was actually developed after
Buzz Lightyear and began life as the aforementioned ventriloquist dummy
against which Timmy was initially planned to tousled inspired by of all
things a Casper the Friendly Ghost doll that lasted two hurt when he was a child
woody the ventriloquist dummy has been described as creepy mean and even evil
number 11 indeed while recording the lines for the early animation references
Tom Hanks exclaimed that the woody character was a jerk for those of you
who don’t know jerk is a popular American insult meaning spin number 12
woody was named woody in honor of Western actor woody strode
who was in fact not only an actor acclaimed for his role as dropper in
Spartacus for which he was nominated for an Oscar but also a professional
American football player and a soldier in the US military during the Second
World War he did all of this while also being black when a time when being black
was even more a ball than it is today so that’s impressive
number 13 however early production of what would eventually become Toy Story
did not go swimmingly in fact the opposite of swimmingly drowning Lee if
you will picks on finally screen the first
mock-up of the film to Disney on the 19th of November 1993 a day that would
later become known at Pixar as Black Friday the reaction from the Disney
executives to the early edgy version of Toy Story was so overwhelmingly negative
that Lasseter recalls literally hanging his head in shame and further work on
Toy Story was immediately halted pending extensive rewrites number fourteen after
that disastrous screening the entire tone of the film was modified woody was
change from a sarcastic douchebag ventriloquist dummy to the more
benevolent and likable woody we know and love other twits were made to buzz to
making him more deluded and committed he was in fact an actual space ranger
rather than a mass-produced toy these changes gave the film a more positive
buddy comedy quality which enabled more gags and comedic opportunities compared
to the previous script which I must repeat here everyone despised number 15
indeed the writers two inspiration from acclaimed body film such as the 1968
classic The Odd Couple and the 1988 classic midnight run as well as Hayao
Miyazaki’s 1986 triumph castle in the sky which is also a classic number 16
once the final script was agreed upon casting but the film would properly
begin a number of writers were consider for the role of Buzz Lightyear before it
eventually went to actor and comedian Tim Allen notable Buzz Lightyear
alternatives included dan Aykroyd Bruce Willis Bill Murray Jim Carrey Chevy
Chase and Mel Gibson number 17 another actor was Billy Crystal who actually
declined the chance to voice Buzz Lightyear after it was offered to him
upon seeing the film crystal lamented that the decision not to do so was the
biggest mistake of his career upon learning this John Lasseter telephoned
Billy’s house to offer him the role of Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc later
released in 2001 number 18 the same was true for the role of woody – as several
non Tom Hanks actors were considered before the world came to its senses and
gave Tom Hanks the Tom Hanks job Tom Hanks
these include Jim Carrey again Steve Guttenberg and Paul Newman number 19
however John Lasseter always wanted Tom Hanks to play Woody
stating that Hanks has the ability to take emotions and make them appealing
even if the character is down-and-out and despicable
number 20 an early possible title for the film was at you are a toy dodged a
bullet there gang it would have ruined the whole film
number 21 interestingly Disney really wanted to story to be a musical like
most of the animated features of the time but Lassiter argued against it
eventually it was agreed that key moments in the film would be punctuated
by songs rather than having the characters actually sing Pixar wouldn’t
actually making musical until 2017 s Koko 22 years later number 22 oh oh it’s
me yeah upon its completion Toy Story became the
world’s first computer animated feature film impressive fact Wright doesn’t even
need any further exposition that’s it we’re moving on number 23 it’s widely
stated that the character of Andy’s name dr. Andreas Andy Van Damme a Brown
University professor and computer science and animation pioneer who taught
many of the filmmakers who worked on Toy Story number 20 for the film’s human
antagonist Sid Phillips gets his name from a couple of sources the name Sid
was apparent inspired by Punk legend Sid Vicious known as the bassist in the
seminal punk band Sex Pistols the film’s DVD extras also contain an animatic
depicting the scene in which the toys surround the sadistic child to warn him
not to abuse them at which point buzz him would he
specifically refer to him as vicious number 25 Sid second name of Phillips is
said to be inspired by a former Pixar employee with the same last name who was
known to enjoy disassembling toys in order to use their parts in the
construction of various Bizarre Creations someone should keep an eye on
them could be dangerous number 26 early on in the film we can see a bookshelf in
Andy’s bedroom which have books on whoa these books have titles like tin toy
knick-knack red dreamin luxo jr. these are all titles have animated short films
that Pixar made in the 1980s for as some good reference right there baby that’s
hit the spot Oh number 27 mr. potato heads line what you lookin at your
hockey puck is one of actor and comedians Don Rickles catchphrases
conveniently mr. Potato Head is voiced by Don Rickles
number 28 interestingly the design the Pixar use for mr. Potato Head is an
altered version of the eighties and nineties design for the actual toy in
the Toy Story film as mr. potato heads eyes a separate and his plastic body has
one hole for each eye whereas on the real mr. Potato Head toy
the eyes are physically attached to each other and there’s only one hole on the
plastic body to accommodate them apparently diehard mr. Potato Head fans
who apparently exist were not plead with the alterations and neither were toy
collectors number 29 American actor John Ratzenberger who provides the voice of
harm the piggy bank would go on to voice a character in every single Pixar film
since Toy Story essentially becoming Pixar’s good luck charm number 30
employees at Pixar nailed a pair of trainers to a sheet of wood and
attempted to walk around with them on firmly enough for the old shoes now into
a plank of wood trick is the punishment I use when the one-on-one editors aren’t
working fast enough it’s surprisingly effective although weirdly Chris liked
it too much number 31 at one point when Buzz current around Andy’s room in an
attempt to prove that he can fly he bounces off a distinctive yellow ball
with a blue band around its circumference and a red star on each
hemisphere this is the luxo ball also known as the Pixar ball which appeared
as a prop in the 1986 pixar short luxo jr. the ball also appears in the hall as
the toy soldiers at setting up a recon post number 32 during the scene in which
Buzz is lying on a skateboard while repairing his ship there is a shot in
which we see bars from above when he’s arguing with woody over Buzz’s shoulder
we can see two stacked blocks that read B and Z which is a reference to BC
Petrov the film’s animation and layout manager number 33 when Buzz Lightyear
gets knocked out of a window he lets out a highly recognizable Wilhelm scream oh
like that at this point we’ve covered this sound effect in so many films
already in so many different one types videos you should know this off by heart
but anyway it’s an iconic movie sound effect first used in the 1951 film
distant drums which has since appeared in numerous films and TV shows a sort of
a global cinematic in joke number 34 the petrol station or gas station for all
our colonial viewers ad which Andy’s family car stops for fuel enroute to
Pizza Planet is owned by Dinoco which is likely to be a parody of the real-life
Sinclair all corporate and fueling stations both brands featured the
distinctive silhouette of an Apatosaurus representing the fossil fuels that both
companies sell number 35 when the Pizza Planet delivery guy enters the Dinoco
gas station he asks for direction to West kassing Boulevard this is a
reference to the dressed west cutting Boulevard where
Pixar Animation Studios is located in Richmond California at the time of the
film’s production since then picks us moved its entire operation to Emeryville
California number 36 the Pizza Planet truck has a sticker on the back that
reads Kratt FM which is a reference to pick some employee tier W crater who
worked as an artist on Toy Story and various other Pixar titles number 37
interestingly enough before her time at Pixar crater worked on the classic 1982
American science fiction action adventure film Tron which John Lasseter
credits for getting him into commuter animation he’s even gone so far to say
that without Tron there would be no Toy Story number 38 Pizza Planet was
originally going to be pizza part a combination pizzeria and mini golf
course the reason why it was changed is lost to history because I couldn’t find
any extra info in the two minutes I spent googling it sorry guys we did
everything we could number 39 the voice-over of the TV commercial that
finally convinces buzz that he is in fact a toy is performed by the renowned
magician Penn Jillette one half of the famed magic duo Penn & Teller number 40
in the scene in which but appears to be drunk after his identity shattering
realization Syd sister Hannah serves busty from a particular variety of tea
pot the distinctive shape and dimensions of the teapot identifies it as a Utah
teapot a famous data model created by computer scientist Martin Newell in 1974
while working on his PhD at the University of Utah the teapot was likely
included by the filmmakers as Anna Marsh of the pioneers of 3d imaging that came
before them and you thought it was just a teapot number 41 during the same scene
buzz laments that all galaxies and suddenly you find yourself suckin down
Darjeeling 20 in reference to the two headless dolls with whom he’s making tea
this is actually a fairly highbrow historical reference as Mary Antoinette
was the queen of France before she was famously beheaded in 1793 along with her
sister Laura Lizabeth during the French Revolution grisly the meaning of life
after bars helps woody escape from under the crate some metal beverage cans can
be seen on the desk which reads dr. Catmull root beer this is a reference to
Ed Catmull the co-founder of Pixar who was at the time the company’s presidents
number 43 when seed is attaching bars to his enormous firework not a euphemism
which by the way is called the big one again not a euphemism woody becomes
trapped underneath a milk crate beneath a red toolbox which bears the brand name
Binford this is the fictional tool company that appears in the much-loved
American sitcom home improvement which stars Tim Allen as Tim Taylor a former
Binford salesman and proponent of the brand number 44 the carpet in SIDS house
has the same distinctive hexagonal pattern as the carpet in the Overlook
Hotel from Stanley Kubrick’s seminal 1980 horror classic The Shining which
just happens to be the favorite film willfully encouraged the editor on Toy
Story number 45 the text on top of SIDS backpack reads Julie mobile has cooties
in reference to camera monitor Julie and McDonald who lobbied to have her name
put in the film and is immortalized as having cooties forever
number 46 the license plate on Andy’s mother’s car reads a113 would you say
reference to the number of a room used by the animation departments at Cal arts
were a large number of Pixar in studied including John Lasseter this
affectionate shout-out would later appear in a number of other Pixar films
number 47 apparently the chase scene began the film involving the moving van
was partially inspired by the toy train chase scene from the 1993 stop-motion
animated short film the wrong trousers created by the legendary British
stop-motion animation film makers Aardman Animations
the animators at Pixar had considered the toy train sequence to have set the
standard for animated action which they felt they had to surpass in their film
so here’s the question do you think they managed it tell us which chasing you
before in our snazzy youtube poll number 48 you may not know that at the time the
film’s production Pixar was actually owned by Apple after Steve Jobs acquired
the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm limited and renamed it Pixar
Animation Studios as such Steve Jobs is credited as an exec producer on the film
number 49 contrary to the exec producer stereotype
of just coughing up funding jobs actually did try and influence the
artistic direction of the film in a fairly significant way during the
production of the movie Steve Jobs made a private chord producer Graf Guggenheim
in an attempt to convince him to use Bob Dylan as the writer and perform up the
film’s original sound track number 50 some would say luckily
that didn’t happen aside from its beloved story an innovative
computer-generated visuals soy story is also known for its iconic music
amazingly American singer-songwriter Randy Newman wrote the film signature
tune you’ve got a friend in me in just one day
number 51 though Toy Story constitutes a mammoth achievement in could be two
animated filmmaking technology in the early 90s was still fairly rudimentary
compared to today CGI films and some 3d effects were far too complex to produce
at the time as a result there is no visible water effect explosions or even
long hair anywhere in the movie and suitable workarounds had to be devised
combat Carl’s explosive demise is not shown directly on screen Andy’s mother
wears her hair in a simple ponytail and no liquid is seen when woody called his
burning head in a bowl of cereal number 52 depending on its complexity each
frame with the film took between 45 minutes to 30 hours to render with 114
thousand 240 frames of animation in total the film required 800,000 machine
hours to create meaning that if they had only used one computer to render the
film it would have taken over 90 years to finish
luckily Pixar used a render farm consisting of over 300 computers which
all work together to pump out the completed film in a far more reasonable
amount of time number 53 according to BuzzFeed Pixar have stated that with
today’s technology they could render the entire first Toy Story film in less time
than it takes to watch it number 54 upon its release Toy Story eventually
became the highest-grossing movie of 1995 on a budget of 30 million dollars
to film raked in and respectable 362 million dollars at the box office no
biggie I mean biggie but also no biggie number
55 in April of 2008 Toy Story made its debut as a live-action musical simply
titled Toy Story : the musical which was created by Walt Disney creative
entertainment for Disney Cruise Line the 55 minute long musical contains six
original songs in addition to Randy Newman’s you’ve got a friend in me a
Disney cruise sounds like it would either be the most fun you’ve ever had
or an unmitigated void to hell hey at least you have a toy story musical to
keep you entertained number 56 in 2013 film makers Jonathan Pauly and Jesse
Parata created a shot-for-shot remake of the original Toy Story film with real
toys and real people the object which was received with the claim
but online audience took the pair two years to complete number 57 in 1999 Toy
Story was followed up by sequel simply titled Toy Story 2 in which Woody is
stolen by aldy CD owner of a toy store who intends to sell him to a museum in
Japan upon release the film is treated with the universal critical acclaim
scoring a rare 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes
in fact Toy Story 2 was so well received that many commentators deemed it to have
equalled or even surpassed its predecessor a feat that few sequels have
ever hoped to achieve number 58 the success of Toy Story 2 is all the more
impressive given how little the powers-that-be seemed to believe in it
as the film was originally planned as a straight-to-dvd sequel before the
decision was made to give it a full theatrical release good thing too number
59 not only that production on the film was fraught fraught I say with headaches
problems and generally overworked staff because of the tight schedule the
editors of the film but sometimes work shift of up to 48 hours which the film’s
editorial department manager Lindsey Collins stated to of course several
editors to burst into tears out of pure exhaustion that sounds extremely illegal
number 60 the workload was apparently so intense that leading up to the film’s
release many of the animators have developed
carpal tunnel syndrome and various other repetitive strain injuries yeah again
illegals the one that comes to mind there number 61 as if all that wasn’t
enough at one point during the production of the movie some prize idiot
accidentally into the computer commands which instructed the system to erase all
data as fast as possible before the animators could reset their computer
system around 90% of the progress made on the film including character sets an
entire animated sequences constituting the vast majority of two solid years of
work had been irrevocably erased as if the situation couldn’t get any worse the
team soon discovered that their backup system had completely failed number 62
during a meeting someone to discuss exactly how screwed they were the film
supervising technical director Galland Sussman revealed that she had backups of
the films assets on her own computer as she had been working from home in order
to care for her newborn child Sussman and the associate technical
director Oren Jacob took what I can only imagine was an extremely tense drive to
her house where they wrapped her computer in blankets and pillows care
we placed it in the backseat of a car and secured it with the seatbelts before
transporting it back to the Pixar offices number 63 using Sussman’s
computer the team were able to recover almost all of the lost assets apart from
several recent days worth of work allowing production to continue and
unclench Nintendo 64 at the very start the film’s opening credits when the
words Walt Disney Pictures present is displayed on screen the luxo lamp and
Pixar’s 1986 short luxo jr. can be seen faintly as a constellation of stars in
the upper right hand corner of the screen it’s actually quite hard to see
which made researching this fact fun number 65 the inclusion of the bubbly
cowgirl Jessie it’s largely credited to Jon Lester’s wife Nancy who felt the
film should feature a positive female character who wasn’t just limp
substantial trophy girlfriend like Woody’s piece on the side Bo Peep
number 66 originally Woody’s horse balls I was going to talk and was going to be
voiced by Canadian Moroccan actor and comedian Martin Short however it was
later decided that bullseye should act like a giant adorable non-verbal puppy
which Lasseter thought would be more appealing to audiences Wow who cancels a
Martin Short honestly number 67 the character of
wheezy the toy penguin with a broken squeaker originated in some of the
earliest versions for the first Toy Story film in which he was written as
they glow in the dark tour named binky the character was ultimately cut from
the movie but was reworked into wheezy for Toy Story – number 68
incidentally Weezie’s penguin design is apparently a tribute to the Linux mascot
tux I wouldn’t know I’m a Mac number 69 a
friend in me in fact many ideas that were cut from
the film were later included in Toy Story – one such examples Woody’s
nightmare in which he dreams about being thrown away by Andy and drowning in a
trash can filled with dismembered toy parts which for a toy I can imagine
would be pretty damn traumatic number 70 speaking of Woody’s nightmare
when we see slinky dog Rex mr. Potato Head and rocky Gibraltar on the floor of
Andy’s bedroom all the cars they’re playing with are the ace of spades which
represents death in fortune-telling so yeah woody was Wicky going through it
number 71 the dust that can be seen early on in the film when woody first
meets wheezy the penguin sets a record of the number of individual particles
animated movie by computer as an impressive 2
million number 72 eight of the film’s digital artist / a digital months to
digitally paint Al’s car digitally that’s a long time I assume I don’t know
how long a digital paint job is supposed to take either way good job guys
number 73 for the scene in which woody looks at the merchandise from Woody’s
roundup mock-ups of the toys were shown to hanks in the recording booth in order
to capture his spontaneous and immediate reactions the dialogue which features
hanks reacting to woody yo-yos and piggy banks was actually used in the film
number 74 before the toys crossed the street in order to get to Al’s Toy Barn
slinky dope remarks I’m not a smart dog but I know what roadkill is this is a
reference to a similar quote I’m not a smart man but I know what love is spoken
by the title character of the 1994 film Forrest Gump who is played by Chaka
Timmer I’m just joking Tom Hanks number 75 the character who refurbishes woody
re-stolen is in fact two previously established Pixar character named Jerry
who appeared as the protagonist in Pixar’s 1997 oscar-winning Pixar Jerry’s
game which tells the story of an elderly man who competes with himself in a game
of chess number 76 and to further nod to Pixar’s acclaimed short some of the
chess pieces Jerry plays with in Jerry’s game can be briefly seen in one of the
drawers in his case sneaky Pixar very sneaky
number 77 while driving around Al’s Toy Barn the gang drives down the bus like
gate aisle at which point tour guide Barbie remarks that back in 1995
short-sighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand now this is
an in-joke referencing the fact that when the original store story film was
released toy sellers did indeed order far fewer adults for quite a meet demand
foolishly assuming the movie would not be such a hit number 78 at one point
while the toys are hastily driving from a shower of bouncy balls and alsoi bomb
Rex exits the car in a vain attempt to
retrieve a strategy guide magazine that is slid under one of the shelves
shortly after mr. Potato Head looks in the car’s rear view mirror and sees Rex
chasing after the car to join the gang this is a parody of the famous scene in
Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic dinosaur adventure for a letter Rasik Park in
which the t-rex chases after the protagonist who were attempting to
escape in a Jeep number 79 the Rock’em Sock’em robots found an old office at
Altoid were voiced by the film director John
Lasseter an editor and co-directed Lee Unkrich respectively number 80 the
baggage handler at the airport who shouts hold it there’s a couple more
bangs coming from the terminal is the voice of UK TV personality Andy Peters
who was offered this single line of dialogue by John Lasseter himself while
Peters was filming a documentary about the making of the film Peters almost did
not get to record the line as he did not have a u.s. work permit but was
ultimately allowed to record the dialogue from a studio in London while
being supervised by John Lasseter via satellite that is a lot of effort but
not much number 81 in 2010 Pixar released a second toy story seat called
the three quill if you will predictably but not in appropriately titled Toy
Story 3 the film focuses on the gangs attempts to find their way back home
after accidentally ending up in a daycare center with Lee Unkrich taking
over as director Toy Story 3 is the worst film so far in the Toy Story
series with the frankly embarrassing 98% of Rotten Tomatoes what were they
thinking number 82 jim Varney the voice of slinky dog sadly
died at the age of 50 only three months after the worldwide release of Toy Story
2 as a result of lung cancer which developed from years of smoking because
of this Varney was replaced by stand-up comedian and actor Blake Clarke in Toy
Story 3 who was actually a close friend of Barney’s number 83 the film’s primary
antagonist lots of huggin bear also known as Lotso also known as one of the
worst villains in fiction gotta Haim so much was animated with three million
four hundred seventy three thousand two hundred seventy one individual hairs
organized in several layers of varying length and thickness number 84 the
counter of Ken wears a grand total of 21 different outfits in the movie and you
know what he slays he slays in every single damn one of them sashay away
number 85 the pins on the map in Andy’s room correspond to the respective
hometowns of various members of the Toy Story three productions star predictably
most of the pins are placed within the United States but there appeared to be
pins from England Italy China South Korea and Japan number 86 Andy has a
pennant hanging on one of the walls in his room that reads pu this actually
stands for Pixar University a professional development program for
Pixar employees who want to learn more about filmmaking number 87 in addition
several of the posters are fixed to the walls in
this room were actually created by the film’s art coordinator Erin McGill while
she was in high school number 88 director Lee Unkrich performed
one line in the movie as the voice of the jack-in-the-box character who
exclaimed new toys when Woody Buzz and the rest of the gang fall out of their
cardboard box after they arrive at Sunnyside number 89 said the
aforementioned violent kid from the first film who attempted to straight-up
murder buzz is all grown up by the time of Toy Story 3 and has found gainful
employment as a garbage man which is shipping pointed out is a perfectly
respectable profession Sid can be identified by his signature Scholl
t-shirt which he’s apparently still wearing after 15 years and was voiced by
Eric Vaughn debt on who at the age of 13 was the original voice of Sid in the
first movie number 90 the 15th of January 2010 constituted the final day
for many of the film’s 58 person animation crew director Lee Unkrich
celebrated this momentous occasion by leading a literal marching band through
the studio composed of two snare drummers two bass drummers and for some
frankly unorthodox reason two giant monkeys in a Yeti number 91
all three Toy Story films which were produced on a total budget of 320
million dollars grossed more than 1.9 billion dollars worldwide that’s enough
to procure a frankly dangerous quantity of chicken nuggets
number 92 a total of four animators worked on each of the first three Toy
Story films something my 101 underlings would do well to remember you all know
what happened to Clive get back to work number 93 owing to the fact that Tom
Hanks is one of the most famous actors in history he isn’t always readily
available to step in every single time Woody’s voice is needed as such in very
short story video games spin-offs and toys Woody’s often voiced by Jim Hanks
the younger brother of the far more well known Tom number 94 on the 21st of June
2019 humanity will be graced by the release of the fourth installment in the
Toy Story series which no one saw coming with the very logical time to the Toy
Story 4 it’ll follow the gang as they embark on a road trip adventure
alongside old friends and new many of the film’s cast including Tom Hanks and
Tim Allen signed on to reprise their roles and Randy Newman will be providing
the tunes once more it’s gonna be epic guys get emotional sorry number 95 Toy
Story 4 has been directed by Josh Cooley an American animator storyboard artist
screenwriter director and voice actor who began working at Pixar
the early noughties apparently called he had over ten pages of imagery that lists
every single Easter egg that’s hidden in the film and trust me there’s going to
be a metric font load of them number 96 one of the new characters in Toy Story 4
is porky who is in fact a spork that’s come to life after being fashioned into
a toy Porky’s voiced by the Magnificent Tony Hale known for his role as the
bizarre yet hilarious Buster on Arrested Development number 97 since one of the
newest characters at Duke kaboom it’s Canadian the filmmakers wanted to cast a
Canadian actor for the role that Canadian actor is the one and mother
flip and only Keanu Reeves good god I love you Keanu number 98 the film also
starred too you okie girl Michael key and Jordan Peele who voiced two plush
toy carnival game prices named bunny and ducky who also happened to be enormous
fans of Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody the film’s director Josh coolly referred
to the pair is two of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever seen which was nice of
him I guess number 99 just like live-action film story story
four was created using a camera over this entirely animated film the camera
is in fact entirely virtual this nifty technological marvel is mathematically
true to a real camera with a digital lens that creates computer-generated
equivalents to real camera features like focal length depth of field and f-stops
the virtual camera also mimics movement to replicate the visuals that would be
produced were too real camera sitting on a physical tripod track dolly or crane
you’ve got 100 in November 2018 Tom Hanks 8 at the ending of Toy Story 4 was
emotional and constituted a moment in history further explaining that he was
so emotional about recording his final lines for Toy Story 4 he couldn’t even
face the film’s crew number 101 yeah Tom Hanks has stated that distant completely
forbade him from talking about Toy Story 4 before was officially announced by
Walt Disney Pictures Elda for that it could literally
influence the stock market value of the company apparently Hanks wasn’t allowed
to be talked to like that by some lowly Disney exec and replied with I’m sorry
but let me point out I’m woody pal he doesn’t sound like that but that’s what
he said so that’s the cookie crumbling there what I’m tired anyway that’s 101
facts about Toy Story did you learn something new have we missed any out let
me know in the comments down below also tell me what you’d like to see next
on facts cuz we here would really like to hear what you would dig you’ve got
that daddy or mummy Oh in the meantime though goodness me look at that –
delicious videos for you on screen right now pick one and watch it make your day
and I’ll see you next time lovely

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100 thoughts on “101 Facts About Toy Story

  1. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND MOTHERFACTORS! Are you looking forward to Toy Story 4? Which is your favourite Toy Story movie?

  2. I was actually hoping one of the facts would be about the real enemy of Toy Story 2. /BIN/RM-R-F*. (That's the 'Delete everything' code that guy had done, thank you SCB for telling me that fact already).

  3. Fact 10-2 you can see tintoy in the backround of the trailer for toy story 4 and fact 10-3 toy story 4 is coming in 5 days and yes iam using my mothers phone cuz my ipad is being fixed

  4. Just seen this on Facebook…

    The Hunger Games author confirms prequel novel and movie is in the works… but Jennifer Lawrence won't be in it

    Sorry Sam!

  5. 24 @ 7:34 is funny because Gary Oldman played Sid in 'Sid and Nancy'(1986) and he tosses an old school G.I. Joe/"action man" in the sink of dishes saying:" he's drowning! I tried to save him but it was too late!"..perhaps they had been fans of the movie.

  6. Fun fact: Did you know that 2 years before Toy Story was created Pixar contacted Phil Vischer the creator of VeggieTales and asked HIM how he was able to do the cheek puffing animation for his characters

  7. 82. Blake also appeared on "Home Improvement" in a recurring role as a friend of Tim's that co-owns a hardware store with him.

  8. Why do you think we need the definition of anthropomorphic or concept? I want to know what the hell a "toy" is

  9. Them ending up in the daycare was not accidental. Did you watch the film or did you just “spend 2 minutes googling it” like you so often do, apparently?

  10. they change pizza putt to pizza planet because it would make buzz think he is closer to reaching star command!

  11. God, so much sarcasm and shitty jokes. Do you have to try to be funny after every single sentence? Was the hardest 30 minutes I had to try get through. I've learnt to maybe not watch one of these videos again.

  12. No visual water or liquid effects? What about the aliens who vomit soda into the girls cup at pizza planet?

  13. Imagine if Billy Crystal accepted the role of Buzz Lightyear. What a world we would live in, Sam. What a world.

  14. Fossil fuels are made by the earth. Oil is mostly in the water
    The fields wouldn't have migrated. Pangaea broke up before the end of dinosaurs. Earth moves with tides and so forth…..

  15. 2:21 you're wrong. The reason they went with buzz was because tinny was too old fashioned and producer's didn't think he'd attract young viewer's

  16. If Sid is all grown up by toy story 3 does that mean the 15 year time period isn’t technically put in the movie Bc he would be around 30 something but in the first movie he looked like he was like 4/5 years older then Andy at the time of the first movie

  17. Another interesting fact is a Toy Story world called the "Toy Box" appears in Kingdom Hearts 3, with Jim Hanks voicing Woody and Mike MacRae as Buzz.

    Also, according to Kingdom Hearts Wiki, Woody's full name is "Woody Pride." pretty interesting I thought.

  18. A fact about Toy Story is that Dolly has personalities and traits like Fredo Corleone. Incapable as a leader, annoying, gullible, wimpy, not very bright weak and she's such a pathetic loser!! Dolly and Bonnie are the characters who I genuinely loathe the most in Toy Story 4.

  19. It would have been great if they would have approached the toys coming to life to mean only the innocence and the imagination of children brings them to life., as opposed to they are actually alive which is just creepy. I was hoping that Bonnie's story, being that she is so young would have had more of a Calvin and Hobbes relationship with her toy story (a classic comic strip, where she sees the toys living and interacts in a world with her toys are alive but the adults cant see them move). Thus explaining the origin of the toys living is the love and imagination of childhood innocence.

  20. I can’t believe it. I finally got my complaint about Mr. Potato Head heard. What a world, thank you. Hopefully this will lead to a movie accurate version.

  21. Sam, just curious: What is it with you and Jennifer Lawrence!!! I mean, talk about creepy. Are you a stalker or something??? Ha, JUST KIDDING!!! BTW, do 101 facts about TMNT, PLEASE!!!

  22. 102
    Toy Story 4 was bad, if you think the way Toy Story 3 ended was the worst way to end a franchise. Watch Toy Story 4 it is terrible.
    Like I said with Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection, "they should have ended at two."

  23. The rock em sock em robots scene in toy story 2 was my fav.though i never had the toy,i had sumthin similar called karate fighters

  24. As a young kid toy story 2 made me belive there's no way toys can be alive, because it was so unrealistic. Irl anylne can notice alive toys running in cities and driving a car, and everything like this

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