101 Facts About The Lego Movie

greetings one the fact is my name is Sam
and today we’ll be fishing through our own organized metaphorical bucket of
Lego for the most awesome lego movie facts there is oh wait the American
pronunciation is actually closer to the original Danish pronunciation and most
of our audience is Americans well silly me but how many bricks were used in the
making of the film what even happened with that lego ninjago movie and how
many LEGO sets did my Mambo music Christmas this year not enough to enter
foolish questions are gonna be answered so grab some coffee build some stuff out
of random other bits of buildings and scream as we go through 101 facts about
the lego movie number 1 in case you’re baffled by what the hell i’ve just been
saying there the lego movie is a film believe it or not they came out in 2014
and starred Chris Pratt Elizabeth Banks Will Arnett Alison Brie Will Ferrell and
Morgan Freeman frankly from the title a bit no one knew
if it’s gonna be any good or not never mind being as good as it is which is
very number two the lego movie was created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller
the absolute legends who got fired from the solo solo film and created the Jump
Street movies Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and spider-man into the
spider-verse although that was really just one of them and as a screenwriter
number three then I go movies the first major crossover film featuring a mix of
live-action and animation oh sorry spoiler alert this live action
in the film since who framed roger rabbit one of the greatest animated
films of all time it’s a very niche category number four Lord and Miller get
much of the credit for the lego movie but the idea was originally conceived by
producer Dan Lin in 2009 inspired by his 9 year old playing Stickle bricks no I’m
joking a sock he was obviously playing with Lego number 5 TLM as I’m now going
to call it actually notice crunch now just say the lego movie was in
production for four years from 2010 to 2014 it was produced by Animal Logic who
also worked on such classics as Happy Feet babe pig in the city and a Peter
Rabbit film with James Corden don’t worry about that last one on the more
logic we all need to get paid somehow number 6 Lord and Miller have said that
they intentionally set out to make an anti totalitarian movie for kids through
the Trojan horse cover of making a very corporate friendly film many have
criticized it for this reason saying that the message is undermined by its
corporate branding but Lord and Miller see Lego as a medium
to tell a story rather than a story to sell Lego number seven interestingly
this mockery of business types with character such as a guy who literally
called Lord business sparked fury on Fox Business whose host Charles Payne
branded the two-hour tour advert as anti business never said business so many
times he complained that the film might be developing antagonistic attitudes
towards business does this sound a word anymore does it
as he lamented the victimization for fictional CEO for CEOs of large
corporations crying into their millions of fairly taxed income number eight then
I go movies compose and Mark Mothersbaugh
it’s the same legend who made the music to Rugrats the original crash bandicoot
games the Jump Street movies and Thor Ragnarok if he’s also an innocent man
called Devo number nine mother’s barber so dedicated to making the Old West
world feel super old Westie that he actually got the guy who did the
whistling in Ennio Morricone’s music Alessandra Alessandro knee to come lay
down some sick whistling for the lego movie you know the famous whistle let me
whisper you know the one number ten what we don’t need jr. and Emma Stone were
considered for the roles of Emmett and wild style but ultimately were not cast
as you can tell if you’ve watched it every previous movie Batman are you
Michael Keaton Val Kilmer George Clooney and Christian Bale we’re all in the
running to a prize their iconic roles with all they sat along the comic Lee
gruff well are Annette becoming in my opinion the definitive movie Batman this
makes a line at which I guess means Clooney passed from there behind the
bricks featurette more layered than you might have thought number 12
every CGI Lego assets in the film it’s a Lego piece which exists in real life
every single piece you can see this in action when wyldstyle she’s a numbers
designed to each lego brick which are the real numbers assigned to those
specific bricks the attention to detail here is insane
number 13 the style of CGI animation used in the film is intended to mimic
stop-motion film is made using Lego typically refer to as brick film or
brick film the first time these are typically
homemade amateur fan films that make the most out of Legos limited capabilities
number 14 one of the first brick films the magic portal created in the 80s by
Lindsay flea it’s written on the sides of the portal Emmett uses to travel from
the real world of the brick world number 15 the lego movie itself features
real-life brick films made by fans towards the end as Emmett gives his
speech to Lord business about the importance of imagination and the
creativity which resides in all of us number 16 according to the film’s
comment retrack Lord business’s facial expression when he starts to have a
change of heart was based on the Grinch when his heart
grows three times the size which honestly sounds painful
number 17 it’s time for some lego movie brick stats three million eight hundred
sixty-three thousand four hundred eighty four unique times of LEGO bricks are
used in the film with 15 million LEGO pieces use – overall there were also 183
unique minifigures used number 18 Will Ferrell’s character would have spent a
fortune on Lego as the basement set alone uses three million bricks
if the lego movie experience recreation for set is anything to go by if the
average Lego piece cost ten point four cents and three million bricks would
cost around three hundred twelve thousand dollars which doesn’t consider
the price of minifigures to cost of assembly and the prices of different and
Brera bricks found specific sets number nineteen the animators behind the film
needed to create a whole program to design the world you see on screen
it’s called lego Digital Designer and you can use it to access to Lego library
bricks to build your own designs online and then buy the specific parts you need
to build it number 20 after playing with Lego for research the
animators decided to add extra details such as burning the space man’s broken
helmet fingerprints dirt dents and scratches onto the LEGO pieces to make
them look more like they’ve been played with number 21
even elemental effects such as water fire smoke clouds even laser bullets and
explosions are completely made frame by frame from Lego digitally but still Lego
number 22 we’re adding all the imperfections to the Lego characters
they added a molding scene to Emmett’s hairline however this is a detail too
far as the real minifigure of Emmett in the real world section of the film
doesn’t have this seam number 23 the frequent use of chicken legs and
croissants is a little ticket Lego set only using this food as the only stuff
LEGO minifigures are able to hold and eat number 24
while the majority of the film is CGI pretending to be stop-motion the end
credit is actually done in real life stop-motion just to prove that they can
it took two months just to make this part because stop motion is hellish and
tedious to work in here’s a question for you did you notice that the real outro
animation was actual stop-motion did it look better than the CGI Lego let us
know what you think in all of the YouTube hole number 55 Nordo miller were
huge LEGO fans growing up with phil lord bringing in his own spaceman figure with
a cracked helmet and all to help model the character of Benny for the film
number 26 the company Lord business runs called up turn is a fictional gasoline
Lego company created in 1992 since they stopped using shells branding after
pressure from the environmentalists activists Greenpeace sounds like that
dealers in green pieces no 27 when educating Emmett on the different Lego
realms outside of bricksburg wildstar reverse the ones we don’t need
to mention this includes LEGO Friends Lego speed racer fabulous and bionic all
I miss barnacle tvp’s number 28 it turns out that a term
master builder was not just made up for the film but it’s a genuine job role at
Lego itself Master Builders Ranch in people who make the incredible Lego mega
structures in their theme parks and assign official LEGO sets number 29
Emmett asked swamp style if she’s a DJ which is great because there is actually
a Dutch DJ called wild style who’s been spinning ipod since 2007 it’s not clear
if this is where they got the name from but it seems more than just the funny
random happenstance number 30 Abraham Lincoln was voiced by legendary
SNL actor will fort who also voiced a clone of the vampire hunting presidents
in Lourdes and Miller’s Clone High number 37 Lord Urmila loved to reference
their past projects in their films which does come across more cute than
narcissistic you can be proud of your past achievements
case in point though while the post is in Emmett’s apartment that referenced
four Jump Street movies a poster macho and the nerd is actually the Russian
title of the film number 32 franchises which crossover it in this
animated romp include Lord of the Rings Harry Potter
Star Wars DC Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the
Simpsons and Lego 2002 NBA all-stars range age your heart out infinity war
Smash Brothers and alien vs. predator that being said it’s no ultimate
showdown of ultimate destiny though is it member totally frags
Superman and Green Lantern a voiced by match on the nerves themselves Channing
Tatum and Jonah Hill respectively where they get to bicker and make adults
watching the film go fool it’s not the voice of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill
that’s a funny reference number 34 however Super’s was nearly taken out of
the film due to legal issues they had to make the majority of the film anout team
until lo and behold he was cleared for use this reduced him to more Rebeck
round character albeit a super fun one a super 8 number 35
this film is filled are the absolute brim with the movie references come with
me if you want in that day parodies Terminator 2 and he’s the hero you
deserve references Christopher loans the Dark Knight although I think most you’ve
got that last one than your own didn’t you number 36
the lego movie was the first time Wonder Woman and the flash appeared in the
theatrical film and the first film where Batman ative Man have appeared together
somehow Warner Brothers manager / traits DC heroes better in Lego than in actual
real human people hello No number 37 Wonder Woman is voiced by Cobie Smulders
who Joss Whedon wanted to cast as Wonder Woman in his own Wonder Woman movie
which never happened then the script for Whedon’s Wonder Woman leaked online and
no one liked it movie magic number 38 is a stab at sick comments with gimmicky
premises which is a fact made more fun knowing that Lord and Miller used to
write for How I Met Your Mother I assume it took where are my pants eight seasons
to find his plants only fresh plant to die in the wash maybe which is when the
wear my pants guy comes to terms with his Pampas life and in fact prefers it
number 39 all the kissing scenes were taken out of
her parents and focus groups to Sunday they were too inappropriate to young
children this is insane replaced by the hand-holding
momma 40 a previous version of this film was called Lego in a piece of resistance
which itself is a play on the French phrase peace to British songs which
translates to the equivalent of a magnum opus the greatest achievement in
someone’s career a masterpiece if you will number 41 the early piece of
resistance draft was leaked online and featured a significantly different
version of the film which featured r2d2 and Indiana Jones as the main characters
this version even included a scene with Indiana Jones and
and solo both of whom were cool snarky characters with literally no other
connection I can think of this is the currently all scrapped and rewritten due
to rights issues involving getting those properties law reeling over life while
they weren’t able to get Harrison Ford’s play Han Solo oh wait he played Indiana
Jones as well I get it now anyway they got former Late Late Show host Craig
Ferguson to do it there was previously voiced Indiana Jones on Robot Chicken
number 43 to mimic motion blur with Lego figures they created animation smear
frames by using different bricks in place of the actual minifigures you can
see this best in Betty spaceship scene where he zips about building his
favorite interstellar vehicle but they also used to significantly in the Lego
Batman movie – number 44 the Ninjago ninja smoke and Emmett soapy
shower suits are made from Lego ice cream scoops yummy number 45
hilarious leave everyone else but quite sad for vegetarians when a pig hits the
ground he turns into sausages well I’ll be harmed they can you believe it one
foot in the gravy okay I’ll stop now number 46
this film was Morgan Freeman’s first ever voice acting role for an animated
movie he had for a priceless role with Lucius Fox for the Batman Begins video
game and had done various voices overs from a project but never a full animated
feature number 47 Vitruvius line you can put it in there
if you like but anyway here we go where’s Morgan Freeman some scripted
frustrations with an ever-changing script Morgan Freeman more like moaning
old man subscribe to it on facts for more top shelf comedy like that number
48 the lego movie is about Lego surprisingly but the word Lego is never
said during the film’s full runtime there was no you know what are we some
kind of lego trademark Suicide Squad that’s amazing
number 49 the name Vitruvius is based on marcus Vitruvius Palio a roman academic
who wrote a 10 book dissertation called it – architecture a meaning on
architecture because it’s Lego and they build things you get it number 50 the
Lego Shack which launches a basketball at the bad guys to the tune of are you
ready for this doo doo dude dude dude dude dude dude dude was actually voice
for Shaquille O’Neal this makes the lego movie the second
greatest film featuring Shaq just behind 1996 is cos arm
number 51 cloud cuckoo-land is a reference to the cloud cuckoo-land in
the ancient Greek play the birds by Aristophanes which was a naive a Melissa
Klee infallible world of absurd fantasy sounds like a pretty spot-on reference
right there number 52 here’s some freaking sharks with frickin laser beams
attached to their heads the you young whippersnappers out there
who don’t remember when Mike Myers wasn’t just Shrek this is a reference to
Austin Powers international man of mystery where the bad guy dr. evil says
he wants to have sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads
number 53 lanten he got Billy Dee Williams to Boise Legoland oh and
Anthony Daniels avoid c-3po veto number 50 for the fancy world of middle Zealand
to fly on middle-earth and New Zealand where the Lord of the Rings series was
shot there was a very minor controversy as some Kiwis didn’t like their country
cheap into a punch line especially after their tenuous relationship between the
country the hobbit franchise after they helped strip away labor laws for
corporate benefits yeah not touching that for the 10-foot Pole let’s move on
number 55 Liam Neeson didn’t record his good-cop bad-cop line separately he just
switched between them flawlessly in the recording booth needless to say the
directors would probably taken aback not taking Priya back though that’s number
56 turn turn turn Johnny it was an improvised line from Liam Neeson who
seems to be an expert on almost swearing in front of children but saving himself
by saying a PG version instead he’s probably better at than me considering
all the schools I’m banned from number 57 there are plenty of hints about the
film’s huge twist with many of the billboards in the background sounding
like the kind of thing a parent would say to a child what part of no don’t you
understand cover inside the lines don’t touch my
stuff no chewing gum and president because I said so are just some of the
phrases to be seen in the background sign inch of the Metropolitan bricksburg
number 58 the reason film cuts to eight and half
years later it’s because that is the age of Will Ferrell son he started using the
kragle to stop his kids breaking as models number 59 Lord business’s horns
are coffee cups and it’s caper to tie also the threat or you’ll be put to
sleep which President business likes to use is
in the eyes of night to have your old the worst thing you can do with them
because no kid likes an early bedtime number 60 the line was voiced by Chrisman is three-year-old
son Graham it’s adorable and utterly terrifying number 61 the film’s theme
song was performed by Tegan and Sara with the Lonely Island and might be one
of the most annoyingly catchy tunes of all time I love this movie but even the
ironic use of this song in this movie is a cardinal sin just remember this and
frozen released within months of each other number 62 the song was written by
Shawn Patterson while he was going through a pretty bleak divorce he
admitted that there was a dollop of heavy effing sarcasm in his lyrics and
ended up writing pages and pages of lyrics that weren’t appropriate number
63 despite the song being everywhere to the point of nausea everything is
awesome never reached number one in the charts anyway it charted number three in
the UK indie charts number two in the u.s. comedy digital tracks but only
not-so-nice US Billboard weekly top 100 it only reached four to seven Nintendo
64 Vitruvius plays a worse than the piano
version of everything is awesome in the saloon scene that goes for two beers
from stealing what Westfall popularized before was cool
number 65 turns out spending four years developing a meta comedy against the
tyranny of totalitarian consumerism to promote the ideology of a corporate
brands such as Lego was a great idea as it generated 257 million dollars u.s.
domestic and 469 million dollars worldwide I think the message here is
just make a good movie and people will watch it number 66
not only was the movie a success but the knock-on effect the result had boosted
the sale of Lego toys by 15% I recently reported a dip in sales so
I’m sure they’re hoping the lego movie 2 will do the same thing number 67 there’s
an exclusive 4d film experience called the lego movie 4d a new adventure which
was written and directed by director TVs community Rob tramps
it features Emmett in the gang wanting to visit Legoland budge they
accidentally visit a knockoff version of a theme park ran by Lord business’s twin
brother risky business it can be found at Legoland Florida and actually sounds
fun of fun number 68 the film also spawned the Cartoon
Network show unikitty based on Alison Brie and her unicorn Chitty hybrid
unikitty here though is voiced by voice acting legend Tara Strong instead number
16 are everything is awesome despite winning a
bunch of best animated feature of wars they were snubbed at the Oscars and yes
I’m still angry about it they even performed everything is awesome there
and they were still snubbed ungrateful much number 70 in 2017 Lego Batman got
his own lego movie called the Lego Batman movie apparently it caused quite
some controversy as it was branded Pro gang propaganda by anti LGBT groups
oh this stems from a joke where Robin thinks he has two dads as he’s looked
after by Bruce Wayne and Batman oh how scandalous how shall Society ever
survive number 71 just as Batman begins to whoop all of his enemies butts he
says you want to get nuts come on let’s get judge which is a fun little callback
to the 1989 Batman where Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne says this to Jack
Nicholson’s Joker number 72 Lando Calrissian isn’t the only role Billy Dee
reprised in Lego form as he returned in Lego Batman is Harvey Dent who he played
in Tim Burton’s Batman we never got to see his Harvey Dent turn into two-face
as Tommy Lee Jones was cast as two-face in Batman Forever instead however we now
get to see the Billy Dee version of two-faced which we were all previously
denied awesome number 73 Lego Batman was director Chris McKay directorial debut
who proved himself as animation supervisor on the first movie and on
this previous job of working on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken he also has a
tattoo of Catwoman so you can’t exactly dismiss his expertise on Batman law
number 74 director Mackay also voiced the pilots in the opening scene of the
movie with Zach Galifianakis Joker because he’s one of those people who
puts himself at his work what a dork number 75 apparently Will Arnett’s Lego
Batman voice takes quite a toll on his vocal cords and he can’t do it for much
longer than four hours hope he doesn’t ruin his voice because Bojack horseman
is great and his voice is great and Lego Batman is great I’m doing this fact like
this so I can maybe jump in Bremen get some extra money what do you think well
I get nuts let’s get nuts haha number 76 the robotic voice used
for Batman’s computer systems is just theory to promote the movie you can get
Siri to say various Lego Batman related phrases but I still can’t get it to do
what I asked it to which is usually just asking you to play Toto Africa which is
my personal anthem and a song that Trudy gets to me is a white guy from the UK
number 77 another call but a promotion they did for the film was to have Batman
interact with the arrow burst heroes such as Green Arrow and Supergirl while
they reused voice clips from their show so they recreated the main good guys in
Lego form to cross-promote the movie and the CW superhero shows that being said
that our verse will be massively improved in Lego Batman appeared I mean
machen our man number 78 Alfred recalling Batman’s previous
broody phases in 2016 20 12 2008 2005 1997 1996 ninety ninety to nineteen
eighty nine and nineteen sixty six references everything at Racal Batman
release including Adam West’s TV Batman number 79 all the strange bag guys token
lists as columns attack team a real like he says these include zebra man the mime
the eraser kite man and of course condiment King you know what they say if
you go for the King you better bring chips or something it’s from the wire
number 80 this film boasts a similarly crazy cast of characters from different
franchises which in case you haven’t seen the film could be considered
spoilers so here’s a chance to look away okay alright here we go
it features Voldemort from Harry Potter Sauron from Lord of the Rings King Kong
the Dalek from dr. foo or British robots as they’re called even though they’re
not actually robots but anyway Dracula gremlins Raptors from Jurassic Park
probably The Creature from the Black Lagoon jaws the Wicked Witch of the West
from The Wizard of Oz and multiple Agent Smith from the matrix number 81
interestingly while they cast race finds the voice Batman’s Butler Alfred they
had Eddie Izzard be Voldemort they had the real Voldemort from Harry Potter
film from the rain barrel but they didn’t get him to do actual Voldemort
number 82 apparently the reason McKay didn’t get finds to be Voldemort was
because he couldn’t fit in any scene between the two characters to make a
joke out of its absurdity McKay really wanted to happen though it’s a shame but
we understand kind number 83 also in 2017 came the lego
ninjago movie a me neither Lloyd Garmadon son of Garmadon on the
main protagonist is voiced by dave Franco he was the same nunchaku
character who appeared as a master builder in the first film in the midst
of ice cream scoops both world number 84 this isn’t the first time dave franco
has appeared in the lego movie he has a small role in the first film as a
construction worker called wally going from a bit part in the lego movie to the
main lead for the lego ninjago movie still sounds like a damn great to me
number 85 the lego ninjago movie has a lots of people involved at the top
it had three directors six producers and six screenwriters credited some sorts of
put me the proverb regarding cooks and too many of them springs to mind man
number 86 in the lego ninjago movie they unleash me i’ll fry a real-life cat on
the lego world this is a reference to Mothra a giant must monster from the
Godzilla movies who’s not actually a cat number 87 the cat is actually two twin
cats one to work with the morning Imam for the afternoon
cats get sleepy after destroying entire cities number 88 Jackie Chan was
apparently in this movie who plays master Wu he helped direct the fight
scenes in this movie because he’s Jackie Chan why waste him
they got Jackie to act out the moves as he would do them then the animation team
had to work out how to interpret that choreography into the stiff and limited
lego style number 89 big bad dad guy gamma dongs mispronunciation of his own
son’s name la Lloyd was made up boys voice actor Justin Theroux
number 90 there’s a reason for the real world element can plant right and
inhabits lego ninjago rather than the filmmakers completely forgetting to make
everything blocks like the previous two films the world in is scenes rightly set
in the child’s back garden what the destructive me opera it’s just a house
cat it actually makes sense and keeps the internal logic of the lego movie in
fact number 91 unfortunately though that i can enjoy a movie is the first flop of
the franchise while ago batman did well then jogo made fifty nine million
dollars domestic and one hundred twenty three million dollars worldwide sounds
like it was a bitter Bane in jar no go number 92
while still written and overseen by Lord amid oh the lego movie – the second part
will be directed by Mike Mitchell who has previously directed the Spongebob
movie sponge out of water Shrek Forever After and DreamWorks
trolls not bad Mike not bad I think never seen trolls number 93 it seems
this film has had a couple of production problems not only was it supposed to be
released in 2018 but Rob schrab who was initially hired to direct the
sequel left the project in 2017 due to creative differences
ironic considering automatable fired from solo a Star Wars story for the same
reason coincidence almost definitely number 94 will start
promoting the lego movie to the entire lego movie was released on YouTube on
Black Friday 2018 in fact you might have seen it by accident the entire film
ended up appearing on YouTube ads for four videos they were less capable of
course why would you to watch on one one fact about Lego hot guys you shouldn’t
number 95 the sequel will pick up right from where the first film left us with
Finn sister bringing DUPLO destruction to bricksburg they must travel to the
sister galaxy to stop the chaos her sister like sister number 96
rex danger best is a new character in the lego movie – who is described as a
galaxy defending archaeologist cowboy and wrapped a trainer
most of these are spoofs of chris pratt’s previous roles ie star-lord
someone in the Magnificent Seven and Owen from Jurassic Park which makes
sense since Rex danger vest is played by Pratt himself number 97 to increase that
valuable brand synergy Lego has with DC at the moment current Justice League
actors gal gadot Jason Momoa and Suicide Squad Margot Robbie will reprise their
roles as Wonder Woman Aquaman and Harley Quinn respectively
still no room for a little Jennifer Lawrence cameo though hug scene let’s
see number 98 interestingly Margot Robbie will be the second actress to
voice Harley Quinn in the lego movie franchise as a Lego Batman featured
Jenny slate in the role instead sorry Jenny DC needs the promo number 99
well movie tie-in games seem to mostly be a thing of the past now every lego
movie in the franchise has had a videogame counterpart although then I go
Batman movie game with the black sheep among these as it’s the only one that
just had a mobile game for Android and iOS who like a Batman boo look you guys
have found number 100 we’re to hit film is one miss and a Honey anticipated
sequel up soon what’s next back in 2015 Lego and Warner Brothers
announced another spin-off called the billion brick race which would be a
parody of the 1981 Burt Reynolds film the Cannonball Run which of course would
be made in the same style as the other lego movie franchise films
number 101 sadly the billion brick race might be in development hell right now
it was said to be written and directed by Jason Segel and drew Pierce but they
left a project in 2017 they replaced him with Jorge Gutierrez but then he left a
project in 2018 no one has been announced to be heading the project
since despite release tank packing for 2019 God knows what’s happening with
that thing remember guys you’ve heard my incredible range over this video I could
certainly do a voice or to call my agent who’s actually my mum so that was 100
packs one the lego movie well lego movies really wit clarity is
your favorites and why is it metal beard be sure to give this video a like
because it really does help us out you know and subscribe to one one fact
already so you can become a master factor no you just become a mother
factor pretty which is the name of you lot that watch these things and the
people to whom I’m eternally grateful for everything thank you anyway in the
meantime one of these two videos is really gonna cut your jib that’s not the
phrase but anyway watch them and you’ll love it and I’ll see you next time

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    The Simpsons

    P.S. I truly love your channel

  17. Unikitty is half unicorn and half kitty but his brother is Puppycorn…………

    I'm gonna wait for you to realize what's wrong with it ( other than both of them being animal hybrids )

  18. New spinoff sounds terrible… Marketingwise anyway. Will fail like Lego Ninjago which looks pretty good but not a good idea fr same reasons

  19. The Lego Batman Movie was also available as a story pack for Lego Dimensions, so it was "kind of" a console game as well…

  20. Ummmmmmm, why did it suddenly switch to the lego barman movie for a minute? That's the Swiss flag not Danish, and last time I checked 37 doesn't come after 30

  21. That is the second time you put Switzerland flag on when you say Denmark!!!

    You IDIOT!!!!!

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