Finally finished my new set! Dang it! What’s up dudes, I got a new lego minifigure today. He’s a shark guy he’s pretty nice. Blue- He’s a blue shark. Uh, I got the checklist, uhh. There’s some people. Oh You’re not supposed to see that Oh dang it, no! Hey keep that- no! Hey guys, we’re going to review Jabba’s Palace, I couldn’t find any of the real figures So I just substituted. We have Han solo Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia, and the guard. Hey guys, today we’re going to be taking a look at a very cheap set. v3rY ch3ap sEt All right, here we go Last piece and we are done… Nice. OOF Hey guys today we have an extremely collectible Lego figure As you can see his eye is misprinted. t0ny thoUsand dollars Gonna keep this guys safe, and hopefully nothing bad will happen to him. DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP Lego Classic? Ages 4 to 99? 1,500 pieces? is th4t the 3xclUsive minIfigure we get What am I supposed to do with bricks? I can’t do anything with bricks! The Simpsooooooooons Bart, Homer, Lisa, crusty the clown. Crusty the clown, Crusty the clown Ned Flanders- the clown. So my shark I usually give him a hotdog. And, I give my fly the shark. And I give my pig the fly. My bunny the pig. My bat the bunny. My panda the bat My chicken the Panda My bee the chicken. My medusa the bee. my Godzilla the Medusa my Octopus the godzilla And that’s how genetically modify my own creatures. It’s my own Yeah, thank you guys Put your hands up, you’re under arrest. Put your hands up or I shoot you. Put your hands up! Don’t have any ammo now! thanks for watching byeeeee

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  1. I love the last one manly because it is you which id huge and godzilla which is tiny and you shoot godzilla making everyone think it would just push it over but you shot and nothing happened like in the movies 😀

  2. Things I’m a dangerous hacker wanted by the FBI thanks for the information man I’m just getting on my dick hacker

  3. 2:27 (it’s obvious that he did this for the video but I needed to point this out) he already opened it because legos DONT come color-coordinated

  4. 10. I do that
    9. I don't do that
    8. I don't do that
    7. I don't do that
    6. I don't do that
    5. I don't do that
    4. I don't do that
    3. I don't do that
    2. I don't do that
    1. Who is Godzilla?

  5. 0:47 Jabba is in the background. Oh wait someone has already said that! Well then, time to get the infinity gauntlet and hopefully KittenBot 24 will go away.

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