How you doing baby girl? What’s up YouTube, today I’m gonna show you 10 toys from McDonald’s. That’s right, McDonald’s! Believe it or not, the other day I went to McDonald’s Hey, do you have any toys that you don’t want Obviously believe it or not they gave me all these these are all the rejected toys from McDonald’s I don’t know why they were rejected either too harmful for children or whatever but these are 10 toys from McDonald’s. So uh uh let’s unbox them and see what’s up boys! okay this is the first toy from McDonald’s this is the alien glow fingers. all right it says slide them on and watch them glow so uh oh wow Ooh! Slide ’em on then why should look is it glow oh this one’s glowing oh look at that whoa Oh Louis I feel and then you’re gonna heal ah even though the healing fax it to me these have healing effects you had a knee up like a pain and your tooth is put a hat and then it’s gone forever let’s count ever oh oh um this one is a working though okay next up we have the amazing a silly a straw they kind of called it be smart straw and they didn’t want it because it was too expensive for them to you know sell and give away for free for all the toys so so from these smart straw from McDonald’s and now it’s looking Brooklyn so really simple this is what it looks like and I assume you put this part into the drink that you want to drink right here and then use the other side right here just suck it on and then it’s going to go with you in the straw so let’s see how durable this rejected McDonald’s toy is real say what why I don’t know why this was rejected the shooter just kept it because it’s a fun way to trick a drink look you want you can just drink like this if you want to good alright so far that is my favorite McDonald’s toy alright next up we have the graph of both fillet or graph bubbles it’s lonely for up tiny bubbles so you open it up I guess it has little bubble stuff in here I guess you just pour it in here and ah here we go I guess you just go we go Wow amazing by the way if you want this poster go to saticons laughs Rob against and you all won wow wow that’s pretty cool I’ve never seen so many problems with such little efforts all right next up we have the mini kendama this is the rejected toy from Japan McDonald’s the reason why they got rid of this because no one really knew how to use it too well but luckily I I don’t know how to use it I’m gonna try my best to try it out so uh the purpose of this is trying to get the ball inside this little um the stick thing majors like a stick it isn’t like that and then it’d be good it’s all good so we’re simple you can either put it like on the top like I did earlier or if you want you can put it right here in the very top if you want zoom or you can put it on the sides like right there the pen yeah McDonald’s go away boys alright guys next up we have the instant worm of course they got rid of this because people McDonald’s would put this in science water and then these little things will turn into worm so let’s give this ride luckily I have a glass of water here oh my god I do oh I dropped it on the flow telling me where to go so it’s all right here and this one expands its to work so let’s stick it in here oh there you go oh that’s wrong it kind of looks like larva oh that’s gross you see you see it growing on it oh that is disgusting I guess if you really want to pull prank on someone just put this into their their drinks or their sodas and they’ll be drinkin early oh yeah we’re we’re here now it’s not really where I can see why McDonald’s are ejected this one Wow next up yes yeah why you can just make this wide 15 feet high let’s give it a shot here we go and you just kind of spin it I believe here you’re one goofy what’s that you’re writing on my Badgers will snap it whoa no way let me try another one here we go now double number three oh wow kind of like annoying mosquitoes except it’s not annoying actually one when you’re light this one’s for you come on son blow what’s your name alright let’s see how far I could snap in here we go did you see that now nice chat Todd Oscar Dexter what’s your name comment down below thrill next up we have so magic we lighting candles the candles that relight himself up if you blow them out I guess the reason why they rejected this one is because a whole mcdonald’s burns down and they have to get rid of this one see how reliable this they hit all right there you go all right cool so after learning about oh we can see you can see it’s kind of sparkly you can tell that these aren’t regular gambles McDonald why do you want he sells this by the way let’s blow mouth and see us if they really realize we go happy birthday me oh this was out this was broken well Donald’s it was broken there you go Juliet happy birthday me okay this one plan this one’s lighting up that was that by yeah this one’s broken let’s wait a little bit neat I believe in it oh there you go well so if you want a really really troll –is– annoying way to celebrate someone’s birthday give them these candles as McDonald’s times dolls give me some candles they will give it to you make the question is now how do I actually blow mouth so let’s use this one mmm Wow are you kidding me this one’s to line up but the others are dead so it’s really easy to you know get them out completely just put liquid on it and it’s good to go next up we have superhero shooters McDonald’s got rid of this when they released Superman vs Batman all you guys do is stretch it out and it will fly away so here we go why go Superman what ah there you go yeah watch this mess luck here we go I’m gonna lunch vocal now here we go pretty cool but I know I guess you why they reject that one cut okay it’s kind of boring alright so we have the funny piece I can understand why McDonald’s got rid this is because if each of us McDonald’s your teeth are gone look I – I’m just kidding if you don’t brush your teeth sit down look like that so let’s give it a shot O’Donnell stones to me cuz I’m the winner so I really so fault is that I guess you put on your teeth okay how’s it going boys – good girl – look sexy so if you ever go on a date 100% your date is going to go extremely well you have this on hey big girl how you do and there’s also another one where you have to tinkle let’s try it out here we go absolutely we have the original party yellow I can understand why but Donald don’t read at this one the bathrooms are kind of dirty no point of Wendy’s in the bathroom so I was able to obtain one so luckily I have a point all right so really simple just get your toilet and then put this little thing right here so when you poop you can be musically inclined like take a whole poop so here we go take my shoes off and turn it on right here and then start playing what this was called BAM Oh hi all thank you for watching and rejected toys from McDonald’s you want to know the 10 something toys or whatever gadgets or whatnot comment down below with your name until then I’ll see you next time let’s give this video some seven months you are like some food later baby

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