Hey! That’s a lot of popular products it becomes rare, it’s normal. Some, however, after a few years are extremely difficult to get. This is the case with LEGO sets, for example. In today’s film, I will introduce you The 10 rarest sets. If you have any of them, write about it in the commentary. Set 10: The Great Carousel. This set contains in itself 3000 items. It is filled with colors and teeming with life. Everything looks very nice, and in addition a carousel it really turns! We can control it using the remote control. Its price is PLN 6700. Set 9: The Death Star 2. All you need is one look at this set and you can see at once that this is a huge monster! Unfortunately, it looks just nicely on the shelf. Because it would be difficult to use anything him to play. But it makes a huge impression! We can buy it from PLN 7,000. Set 8: Statue of Liberty Built like the simplest blocks. However, there are so many of them that they form together great building. Unfortunately, if you would like to have something so beautiful, you would have to take out of the wallet almost 8 thousand zlotys. Set 7: Master Yoda in the T-Shirt from the event New York Toy Fair. This minifigure is so sweet that I can not resist! I need to buy it. But wait a minute, wait … What? Its price is PLN 8,500? That’s, after all I will go around without him. Set 6: LECA AUTOMOBILE Edition from 2005. Interesting set, but somehow I do not like it very much. It is so rare that we need to give PLN 8,700 to get it. Set 5: LEGOLand train. An excellent set illustrating one of the attractions in LEGOLAND. A block train that takes a few with it tourists on a trip. Do you know how many pieces of this set have been released for use? Only 80! Currently, it costs over … PLN 10,000! Set 4: Han Solo on Tautan. This creature looks amazing and how you can see there is no standard minifigure there. It is a figurine made of ordinary blocks. The set is worth over PLN 11,000. Set 3 and we have already reached the podium. And in the third place there is a set: LEGO Inside Tour, Exclusive version of the “Piper” airplane. The set seems to be ordinary. However, apparently the pieces that have been released for sale there was very little. Therefore, to have it, you have to pay PLN 15,000! Set 2: Antonioz Pizza Rama. You have never seen such a set before. Not only is it unusual because it is food. In addition, the box was also shaped like a piece of pizza. The set is worth less than 16 thousand zlotys. Set 1 and it’s time for the last set. The rarest, and also the most expensive one. After all, if something is difficult to access, it is also expensive. This set is HC Andersen Hancy Clans. It is built entirely and exclusively with square chunks. Are you curious how much you have to pay for it? Attention! The amount is amazingly great. Over PLN 25 thousand. This is one of the lowest prices. What do you think, how many such sets were created? 80 of them were created! But only LEGO ambassadors got them. And until today, most refuse to sell. This is the end of today’s episode. I hope I succeeded, show you well as some sets are rare, so their prices are space. If you liked the episode leave your paw up here and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching. See you later!

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