10 Most Unique Toys Which Actually Exist !

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today we’re listing the smartest funniest and most advanced toys on the
market deep down in our hearts each one of us is that little kid we used to be
ages just a number so watch and enjoy my friends number one Star Wars sphero you can call this robot a person or a
cute little baby the toy has an incredibly unique and smart design it
turns looks in different directions and reacts to stimuli with simple gestures
it’s rolling movement is smooth and meaningful and it makes various sounds
to show that it’s listening very carefully its body is made of durable
plastic and can easily withstand a collision without any particular
consequences although its small head does not fall is one step ahead of the
rolls-royce logo in running time but unfortunately the battery capacity of
the robot is not best, after charging it can move autonomously for only 60
minutes before it’s drained hopefully the company will be able to improve on
it in the future number two Cozmo the tiny robot Cozmo
has the ability to interact with the world around us using artificial
intelligence and computer vision the main difference between this and similar
toys is not that it has emotion but that it lets us play with its emotions Cozmo
expresses many human emotions like joy calmness courage confidence and delight
as well as other mixed emotions it’s a very dramatic toy maybe it should be in
Hollywood to star the next sci-fi movie even though Cozmo is able to reproduce a
live range of emotion most of the robotic calculation are being processed
by a mobile application so you need to have your smartphone nearby number three
this kit comes with two Bluetooth control tanks and 16 vertical walls that
can be arranged on a panel in order to create a
battlefield then war begins the goal is to find out and shoot your
opponent with virtual lasers displayed in the application on the smartphone
gaining skill points and rewards the tanks have a good battery life lasting
for eight hours on a single charge number four this toy is interesting for
both children and adults it’s a balancing robot because it’s designed in
such a way that even when resting it cannot stand still the robot is
constantly in motion you only need to give it an impulse and it will be ready
to drive in circles around the room the robot has six functional modes which can
be controlled by a free application for smartphone number five did you want to build your
own robot if so don’t worry introducing ziro these guys are making robotics easy
and fun for all of us they created ziro the world’s first gesture controlled
robotics kit for everyone it consists of three parts the motorized
module the smart gloves and smartphone app it’s modular design enables freeform
Robotics construction allowing you to build anything the module can be
animated in a hinge or 360-degree rotational movement a pair of sensor
gloves controls the robots movement whether you’re a robotics enthusiast and
inspiring superhero maybe even an evil genius or just someone looking to expand
their creativity ziro is for you you can design and build it from scratch or use
their pre-made starter kit design build and rebuild ziro can be used over and
over again making new different robotics each time with the same modules learning
should be fun and engaging you can unleash your creativity and be at the
forefront of robotic technology with ziro number six and key overdrive
do you love racing if so then we’re on the same wavelength
my friend with the Anki overdrive module you can create eight different tracks
individual modules connected to each other using magnetic fasteners similar
to MagSafe used by Apple in laptops in addition the module can bend so that
Anki overdrive literally becomes 3-dimensional in this set the modules
include jumping tracks intersections and you turn a smartphone application is
available for free to accompany the track races would you like to play with
me I should let you know that I’ll probably win number 7 Quirkbot this
object is called Quirkbot it’s a further development for straw bees a
construction kit based on connecting straws to each other in fact it’s a small module that
simplifies the process of connecting the straws you can give life to your
construction kit with an Arduino board motors light emitting diodes and sensors you can showcase your creativity to
others by building different designs regular old cocktail straws are
excellent material for building Arduino robot numbers this is a small
programmable robot just four by four inches in size that is equipped with
sensors and LEDs the device can detect and recognize nearby objects measure
acceleration detects impact and gravitational forces thymio is equipped with a microphone and
temperature sensor as well as a memory card for recording sound once the robot
is programmed the player can use one of the main modes for example as an escort
robot or robot explora number Ten cognitoy do you love dinosaurs
introducing the new line of toys cognate able to understand their owner and to
communicate with them the toy dinosaur is connected to the cloud in which the
speech recognition and data received by the toy are recognized and processed for
a subsequent learning the toy dinosaur recognizes its owner remembers many of
the child’s preferences including their favorite color they can joke and answer
a wide range of questions that it remembers it’s a pretty cool Dino choice
that’s for sure , spell space spell S P A C E and you are cute thank you
number 10 Ozobot do you want a robot that can run on your
defined pathway then the Ozobot is best for you this cute robot is intelligent
and smart discover the new way of interaction with a robotic friend enjoy multiple ways to play with Ozobot this cute baby interacts with physical and digital game which reacts
to lines patterns and colors on any surface ingeniously fun impressively smart and incredibly small you can enjoy single and multiplayer
games with this cute toy box it comes with all necessary accessories and a
charging cable thank you for watching if you like this video then thumbs up my
friends which toy do you think would be the coolest to play with let me know in
the comments and subscribe for new thinking peace !

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  2. I feel like someone could hack one of those interactive dino toys into saying anything because it's connected to the cloud.

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