10 Most Shocking Kids Toys In The World

A toy is considered to be a child’s most
precious object. However not every toy will be remembered in a good way. Here are the
10 Most Shocking toys that have been made through history. Black Oreo Fun Barbie By now everyone is aware of this delicious
chocolate and many of it’s varied flavors, but in 1997 nobody saw this one coming. When
this chocolate bar hit the store shells it was the last straw for the African-American
racial demographics, as the term “Oreo” is also used to describe a black man acting
white. World Trade Center Airplane Toy Alright so clearly this toy does not need
any explanation as to why it is considered to be shocking, these offensive toys were
inserted into 14,000 candy bags and, to add insult to injury, they were labeled with the
product number 9011. Stripper Pole Dolls Once again, this toy also doesn’t need any
sort of explanation for it’s shocking material. Being intended for a more mature audience,
as explained by it’s creators, this USB controlled doll was released in the UK in
2009, and it didn’t take too long for it to be removed due to it’s explicit nature. Vibrating Nimbus 2000 The shocking factor in this Harry Potter broom
replica lies in it’s vibration properties. All parents who bought this toy as a gift
for their children immediately took the batteries out, and it wasn’t long after an Amazon
reviewer transformed the Vibrating Nimbus into an actual sex toy for his girlfriend. Happy Family Midge Covered up, this doll seems like a usual play
toy, but when you take of the robe you’ll find out the grizzling truth behind it. The
doll has a lid on it’s stomach, and when taken off, you’ll find another baby doll
hiding inside it. Inflatable Titanic Slide Yet another company that drew inspiration
from one of history’s most tragic events for the design of their toy. The titanic Slide
is a 25 inch fully inflatable slide that kids from all ages can enjoy a quick ride in, while
being reminded of the 1500 Titanic passengers who lost their lives on that horrific night. Lego Concentration Camp Back in 1996 the Lego Corporation gave a Polish
artist Lego bricks and asked him to create their next project. What he gave in return
was shocking to say the least. The company threatened to sue the artist, but the lawsuit
was later dropped and in 2012 the Lego artwork sold for $71,000 US Dollars. You Can Shave The Baby Now this toy wouldn’t have that bad if it’s
head was the only thing that your child was able to shave. However the doll’s shaving
properties extend to the baby’s ribs, feet and even it’s private parts. Whoever thought
that this would’ve been a good idea should immediately get fired. Straight Jacket and Cage Now apparently this toy line was meant specifically
for undisciplined children, as explained by the Brazilian creators. They thought it was
so funny that they even had the decency, on the back of the box to write: “There are
different ways to discipline your child. Just watch Super Nanny”. Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan This toy was meant to be nothing more than
a simple action figure for kids. Unfortunately, one simple animation turned it into to biggest
toy fails in history. Simply put, Tarzan was suppose to have a karate chop action, but
the awkward movement made it look like he was doing something entirely different hence
earning the nickname,: “the self-pleasuring Tarzan toy”. I believe this video has kept you captivated.
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