10 Cursed Dolls With Very Creepy Backstories

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100 thoughts on “10 Cursed Dolls With Very Creepy Backstories


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  2. The one about the Reggie Anne doll is wrong that the same story of Annabelle so that story is a hoax not true someone just came up with that you should of knew that kallen [slapped ham]

  3. i cannot hear u over plinking of the dang piano,pleas no noise i watch u not to hear music oe noise but to hear your narration

  4. I thought that Robert doll was brought back from Haiti by his nanny-housekeeper. According to a creepy video of this somewhere on-utube i watched. look it up, its worth a watch……

  5. Okay… In 7:09 above where the ghost hit off the thing did anyone see like a little movement in the air ( not a joke) just look for your self.

  6. I had a doll once a baby doll my grandfather gave it me and also a plastic toy oven for my sister i hid the doll behind the plastic oven i was terrified of it it was its eyes i never told my mother incase she took it off the shelf so i kept it to my self i could not tell anyone one day i had a plan i grabbed it and through it in to my neighbours garden

  7. When I was younger I had a doll with brown hair and a purple dress, one day I started getting bad vibes about it and I even had a dream of it trying to kill me, it wouldn’t always be where I left it either.. I ended up giving it to my neighbors daughter 😅

  8. Somebody posted a comment about putting all the dolls in the same room…. would be such a cool idea to do and then do a physch experiment where they offer people like $1000 or $5000 to stay a night or week in the room with them😱😬😳😯😨 that would be terrifying as fuck, but also very interesting… for others, not me. I'd never do it but it would be cool to see lol. KiNDA like that old movie the haunting but with dolls!😯

  9. When watching : why did they even post this it's not scary?

    At night:

    Dad: go get water outside please I'm thirsty

    Me: Will you come with me?!

  10. I was at an elderly lady to help her do some shopping.
    First time I was in her house. She told me to have a look around.
    I went to the livingroom and saw around 25-30 dolls with porcelain eyes staring at me.
    The old lady entered the room smiling and nodding. Suddenly I felt like I was in a horror movie. Just the scary music missing.

    I didn't stay for long..

  11. Holy shit! Those dolls are so beautiful and creepy! I’m glad I grew up liking teddy bears 🧸 and Hello Kitty, but the minute they wanna talk to me or snuggle…. I think they GONNA HAVE TO GO! 😨

  12. I see thousands of very beautiful porcelain dolls in charity shops everyday here. Costs like 5$ , really worth it. But i’m scared lmao

  13. I had a furby when I was younger and that thing freaked me out. It would start talking by itself and I was like wtf. Yeah I got rid of that thing asap

  14. the umpteenth version of the doll named Robert. 🤷 para-abnormal story tellers really should get it together and compare notes first😆
    I'm funning with you, of course.. I actually enjoy these videos. I'm definitely a ham fam. ♥️ you slapped ham.
    * PJ.

  15. in the#4 clip.. that baby ain't haunted by anything but a jack ass for a father! if I ever had caught my husband terrifying our daughter id yank his ear hair out through his nose!

  16. 5:25 of the video.
    Fun fact, I used to know the woman that owned Amelia the doll, she passed away from cancer a few years ago. And I'm not sure who has Amelia now since they auctioned off alot of her doll collections. We had chatted about me purchasing Amelia shortly before her passing, that dolls eyes just drew me in and still to this day I haven't forgetten that beautiful little doll…

    Just so you know….

  17. Here's a tip: don't go buying creepy dolls with spooky backgrounds. MAKE THEM!! If you make a creepy doll from new materials, you won't have to worry about it being possessed unless you purposely have it possessed. And why the hell would you do that?

  18. Also, imagine that a haunted doll you bought on eBay if suddenly standing in the hallway. What do you do?
    Stare at it like it grew a second head?
    Freak out and try to send it back?
    Call an exorcist?
    Try to destroy it?
    Or offer to make it a sandwich?

  19. Seriously..I know Japanese can do movies but their is no way in hell if I SEE hair growing on a doll im keeping it u that's not normal right!?? I would see that who eva in doll is crossed ova..that's y no dolls in my house..NOPE!!

  20. I have an Amelia doll also. Her eyes are the same shade of neon green as the picture, I’m unsure why they’re that way but I thought she was super cute and unique so I bought her from my local thrift store.

  21. I've seen stuff about Annabelle at least a dozen times, but never has any of it creeped me out the way she did tonight. I swear it felt like she was looking back at me this time. Even a good ten minutes later I still have that feeling.

  22. It's a part of sealing off his power among all beings, theres stories about the Creator being born through the wounds and sorrows of others inflicted towards family siblings, each and every living creature had feared this, including erasing all evidence of judgements and commandments, these rules are set as an example through entertainment through Chinese fan made movie in America, also the dead wants us to remind each and individual the cases through tough decision makings, some say the dead will always follow you to remind you not to kill.

  23. Me and my family apologize for watching all of you without permission. God be with us. Amen 🙏🏻 God Bless us. Amen 🙏🏻

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