10 Biggest Coolest Aircraft Models Which Actually Exist

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science and fun if you think childhood was awesome then you’re wrong
obviously you need some cash to throw at these excellent and most expensive toys
for grownup kids today we’re going to explore some incredibly amazing aircraft
models that you wish you’d have so sit back relax and enjoy the video number
one military airbus a400m this is a fantastic remote-controlled airbus a400m
built by a German aircraft model enthusiast Hans hep by spending a lot of
money and a total of six years this aircraft model is an exact replica of
military cargo Airbus a400m from the popular movie Mission Impossible 5 with
the leading actor Tom Cruise the model weighs 92 point five pounds or 42
kilograms and it uses for hacker motors that are capable of producing six
thousand watts of energy and it has two radio systems with total 18 servos this
blockbuster model first appeared at the airliner meeting and gopping in Germany
and it is needless to say that it was the star of the show although it’s much
smaller than the actual aircraft its design is incredible with each and every
single detail being precisely built the model has a wingspan of 3.7 meters and
the main body is 3.8 metres long well I think any child or pet can enjoy the
ride on it due to its immense dimension number two sr-71 blackbird this aircraft model is an exact replica
of one of the most advanced spy planes used by the CIA
the mysterious sr-71 blackbird this plane appeared in the movie x-men
without a doubt this expensive adult toy is the reason for me to get excited for
watching how closely its elegant flying is like the real sr-71 blackbird the
aircraft model is designed by Lothar Heinrich and flown at the event Oberon
Heusen jet meet in Germany thankfully the aircraft model is powered by twin
Jetcat p200 producing 57 pounds of thrust
that’s enough thrust that helps to sr-71 to achieve its maximum speed of 170
miles per hour or 270 kilometers an hour the model has a wingspan of 97 inches
177 inches long and weighs just 35 kilograms the aircraft is made up of the
balsa and pie wood construction with fiberglass cloth at the end resin
finishing with high intensity LEDs in the exhausting duct fortunately this
sr-71 toy is one of the only two flying blackbirds approved for flight in the
European Union number three Antonov an-225 Whitburn spaceship Hans Bohr and his wife showed of their
self constructed space shuttle at the 10th jet world master opening in Germany
in 1997 this model was featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest
ever flying radio-controlled model mainly it was an exact replica of
Antonov an-2 55 it spans almost 6 meters and weighs just 25 kilograms the two
aircrafts were merged aerodynamically well the small baby space shuttle was
placed on the back of the Antonov an-2 55 Maria aircraft in addition a single
remote controller was enough to fly and control both aircrafts this incredible
toy model has 6s EDF motors with working flaps under the wings number formed
sukhoi su-27 who does it no sukhoi it’s a fighter aircraft designed by a Russian
defense company Sukhoi here is the same replica of Sukhoi su-27 that was built
from a car from model kit thanks to Jetcat p180 RX turbine and the
power box mercury capable of performing every possible kind of aerobatic
maneuvers it flies just like the real sukhoi su-27
with a similar sound of the engine too and there are special LEDs installed
inside the exhausting duct for replicating the visual effects of the
burning flames this expensive toy is 3.1 meters long and weighs just 24 kilograms
and it has jr6 3/11 servos with the jet tronic air retracting gear system the
aircraft model has been phoned by Andrea’s M on the J our 28 X long-range
signal transmitter number 5 Kalinin k7 if you like flying really big toys or
unique aircraft then this 16 foot span Canon k7 might just be what you’re
looking for with an extraordinary wingspan and immense dimension this
monster plane is ready to cruise the skies only one full-size k7 was ever
built and it crashed after seven flights due to a tail boom structural failure so
it’s doubtful you’ll run into another RC version at the next to giant scale
flying with 615 CC ASP gas engines and an electric pusher motor the 99 pound
model has plenty of power it’s built up from wood and equipped with 16 service
brakes steerable nose and wheels and it can be disassembled into six modules for
easier transport it’s built by the great RC model enthusiast Rainier Mattel and
this unusual aircraft from Switzerland can be yours for around fourteen
thousand dollars well I know I’m gonna buy it
number six McDonnell Douglas f-15 Eagle this 1/8 scale jet aircraft was
beautifully designed for single turbine engine operation the f-15 is constructed
using epoxy composite fiberglass and Nomex honeycomb to make the lightest and
most robust model possible it’s elegantly designed wings are removable
with pre-installed interlocking vertical and horizontal control system elevator
and flaps besides its stainless exhaust has pre-installed LEDs and it’s turbine
produces 17 to 35 pounds of propulsion with 4.7 liters of a fuel tank even
though the aircraft model has a wingspan of 63 inches and 90 inches long body all
features combined make it the ultimate flying beast in the air number 7
mil mi-24 hind an Italian model enthusiast mirko’s ani built the
impressive 1/7 scale replica of MIL mi-24 hind attack helicopter the
electric powered heli has eight foot rotor span and can fly for up to eight
minutes on 12 s 1600 mah lipo battery the mechanics and the components are
developed by a company heli classics well this excellent radio-controlled
helicopter weighs just 25 kilograms and power efficient pal Taurus
12 kilowatt turbine powers it mh-53 J pavlo the third in the world of RC
models there are some spectacularly detailed and realistic models out there
but perhaps none more detailed then this Sikorsky Pablo helicopter this bird was
showcased and flown in Switzerland at the Swiss heli challenge 2016 this
PadFone model is massive and powerful featuring turbine engine for power and
is insanely detailed in the battlefield due to its incredibly artistic paint job
the whole crowd went wild when it first appeared in the show
moreover the flight was so realistic that you can’t differentiate it with the
real one actually it retract it’s a landing gear for a better flight number
9 ch 113 Labrador this keep toy is towing an incredibly
designed helicopter which has two excellent rotor blades in swiss heli
challenge 2016 it’s not every day you see a fantastic artistic masterpiece of
an RC plane or helicopter if someone is going to spend a year building something
not to mention spending thousands of dollars they better know how to fly if
not that’s a quick way to lose all of the time and money that you worked so
hard for this military tandem helicopter is 2.3 meters long and weighs just 22
kilograms moreover its dual 20 centimeter long rotary blades are
powered by contra neck pyro 850 motor which is controlled by contra net cosmic
200hp ESC this 1/6 scale model is equipped with a double 6s 8000 milli
ampere battery number 10 Boeing 747 this incredible aircraft is modeled
after the actual Boeing 747 jumbo jet and pretty much mimics it in every way
except that it’s 113th in size which makes it an enormous model airplane its
wingspan is 16 feet wide it’s nearly 18 feet long and weighs about 150 pounds or
70 kilograms ah deep it’s built it and it’s pretty damn incredible it sounds
like the real thing it takes off it lands and flies like the real thing and
from far away it really does look like the real thing
altogether the project took more than 2,000 hours to accomplish probably
making the pilots somewhat nervous during its first flight for IQ hammer
turbines powers this crazy toy and I really want to get this toy thanks for
watching which toy I mean which aircraft model
did you find the most impressive let me know in the comments below if you’re new
here then feel free to subscribe and press the notification bell icon for my
upcoming videos I’ll catch you guys in my next episode peace

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