🤭Can We FORGIVE our Deaf Baby Doll Twin⁉️

– Oh no! This is Christy’s prized squishy and look what she did. How am I going to tell Christy about this? I think I hear her coming. (car sounds) – Hi dolly friends, it’s Renee here. It’s just about 7 a.m. And I’m just playing with our twins Lizzy and Lotty. They’re having such a fun play time. We’ve just been getting all sorts of fun toys out of the closet for them. It’s about time to turn
on Lizzy’s hearing aid. See, Lizzy has nice hearing aids and we usually wait until about 7 a.m. to turn them on. So in the meantime, I keep them entertained by bringing out toys from the toy closet. And that’s what we’ve
been doing this morning, haven’t we girls? (doorbell rings) – Oh, that’s the doorbell. I wonder who that could be, let’s go see. There you go, I’ll be right back girls. (baby crying) – Don’t cry, Lotty. Hm, maybe she wants to come with me. Okay Lotty, you come with me. And now Lizzy, you don’t get in the closet, I’ll be right back, okay? Christy keeps all her special toys in the toy closet, so I don’t let the babies
get in there by themselves. (doorbell rings) Let’s go see who that is. – Oh, let’s see who this could be from. (safari music) – Oh, it’s from Granny Pumpkin. It’s a flyer saying she’s having a 50% off sale! Cool. Well we’ll definitely keep this in mind if we do any shopping later today. (suspenseful music) – Well let’s go check on Lizzy. Oh, where did Lizzy go? I left her right there. Oh no, did she go in the closet? Oh no, she did! – [Renee] Oh my goodness. Lizzy what are you doing in the closet? I told you– But I forgot to turn on her hearing aids, (baby crying)
she couldn’t have heard me. How could I have forgotten? I was distracted by the doorbell and the letter. Okay, I’ll turn them on now. Here we go Lizzy, poor little girl let’s turn them on. (electronic beeping) Oh, now you can hear. Yes. Can you hear Mommy? (kissing noise) Yes, hi Lizzy. (baby babbling)
Okay, well. – Oh no! Oh my goodness. Lizzy! (gasps) This is not funny, Lizzy. I know you’re happy to hear but this is Christy’s prized squishy and look what she did. She ate it. You don’t even understand though, but she totally ruined it. Oh my goodness this is one of those special slow rising squishies, it came all the way from Hawaii from Christy’s friend Sky and she ruined it. How am I going to tell Christy about this? It’s her favorite toy. You don’t even understand, Lizzy. Oh dear, oh dear. How am I going to tell– how are we going to tell Christy about this, Lizzy? She’s going to be so disappointed. Well we’ll just have to do it, okay? Christy! Christy! Okay, I think I hear her coming. (chair rocking) – Yes? Um, what’s the matter Mom? – I’ve got some bad news. (sad piano music) – What is it? – Well this morning, Lizzy got into the toy closet by herself. And I’m so sorry, she ruined this. – Oh, Mommy. This is my most favorite toy ever. I can’t believe it’s broken. – I’m so sorry, Christy. I know this was so special to you and having a broken, chewed up squishy, it’s not fun is it? But you know what? I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen squishies at Walmart before. Should we go there and look for a new one? I know it would never replace the one that your friend Sky gave to you, but hopefully we find a nice one. – But Mommy, there’s one problem, Lizzy doesn’t have any money. – That is true. You don’t have any money, Lizzy. It usually doesn’t apply to babies but we do have a family rule that, if you break something, you replace it with your own money, Lizzy. – Mommy. – [Renee] Yeah? – I’ll help put in some money. – That’s a good idea, how would we do that? – I can go ask Granny Pumpkin if she has any jobs
for me and Lizzy to do. – That’s actually a good idea, let’s go! – It’s been a great day for business. There’s a couple things left to sell. Oh, I hear some footsteps! – Hi, Granny Pumpkin. – Well hi, darlings. What can I help you with today? – Well Granny Pumpkin, we’ve got a problem. – You don’t say? – Lizzy ruined my squishy. – Good night. She just totally destroyed this thing. – We need to earn money
so I can buy a new one. Do you have any jobs
that I can earn money? – Well I just might – I sure hope so. – Anything at all, Granny Pumpkin? She’s really good at doing chores. – No problem, you young things just follow me. (banjo playing) – Need her to do some
mopping around the shop. Just go like this. – So Granny Pumpkin, I know how to mop. – I guess I kind of need to figure out what to do with Lotty while Christy and I go shopping. She’s almost finished
with her mopping job. What should we do with you, Lizzy? Oh, I know! Hey, Toria, would you mind keeping an eye on Lotty while Christy and I go
shopping with Lizzy? – Yeah – Oh, thank you so much. I hope she’s a good girl for you. – Phew, that was a lot of work. Yay! I finished all the
mopping, Granny Pumpkin. – That’s just awesome, darling. Hard work. This is a reward. – Thank you so much, Granny Pumpkin. We get to go to Walmart now. – Thanks so much for helping, now you skedaddle. – [Renee] Well we made
it to Walmart and Lizzy, you worked very hard, okay. Christy’s already starting the toy search for squishies. What did you find? Did you find any squishies? Oh, you found some Shopkins, though. – [Christy] Yeah. – [Renee] We have Pearlina, is she back here? We have some of these Petkins, don’t we? And we love Cutie Cars. And here’s some of the
Oh So Real Mini Packs. Look how real those packages look but they’re just– they’re just doll size. – This is a neat area of Walmart but there’s no squishies there, let’s keep on looking. – Okay, let’s go see Lizzy. I always love Calico Critters and seeing them here at Walmart. Oh, look at how cute those are, little baby pandas. Well let’s keep searching
for our squishies. Christy you found something? Some little finger puppets? Rubble, Marshall, Skye, Zuma – And Chase. – Chase, Fun! Oh, Lizzy, don’t be sad. I’m sure we’ll get to find a squishy here in a minute. Oh, I wonder if there’s any
squishies down this aisle. And honestly, even if there’s not, this is a very fun aisle to go down. First of all, look at all of these cute outfits in the My Life As section. Look at, there’s even some baby lives, I haven’t seen these at our Walmart before and I like it that you can actually like touch the doll, it doesn’t have a plastic covering like all the other Baby Alive’s. Isn’t that so cool, Christy? – Yeah. – [Renee] And there’s actually, I think some new My Sweet Love styles too. – But we keep on getting distracted, We need to find a squishy. – That’s right, Lizzy. Let’s go see. Okay, so now I’m starting
to get a little concerned because we’ve gone down all of the aisles of toys and I just
don’t see any squishies. I know, Lizzy, it’s so sad. – Mom, I just don’t see
any squishies either. – I know, I don’t either. (sad music) – Christy just looks so sad. Lizzy, we need to find
a way to cheer her up. I know! We don’t usually eat ice cream, but I just happen to have this gift card to a special ice cream shop. Let’s take her there to cheer her up. (piano) – Oh, Mommy. This makes me so happy. – [Renee] Oh, I’m so glad, Christy. Let’s go. (melodic music) – [Renee] Christy, which one are you going to get? – The blue one. – [Renee] That is called cotton candy. Well, Christy, why don’t we put our things down. I have this little chair
here we can use for Lizzy. Put her in there, there we go. Well this has sure turned
into a fun day time, hasn’t it, Christy? So Christy got cotton candy with sprinkles and M&M’s. – It looks kind of yummy too. – [Renee] Is it good, Christy? Does this make you feel
any better, Christy? – A little bit, I love spending time with
you and Lizzy, Mommy. – I do too, Christy. But do you still feel a little sad about not getting squishy? – Yeah. – I just can’t believe that Walmart didn’t have any. I’m still so sorry about that. It’s not even completely Lizzy’s fault. I should have turned her hearing aids on and shut the closet, I’m so sorry, Christy. – What do you think? – That’s a great idea. We could check online. – What, Christy? – Oh my goodness. Next. Someone brought this in as a trade in. Mm it even smells interesting. I can’t believe no one’s come in recently. But if no one comes to buy you, I’ll take you home tonight. You’re just the cutest little thing. Oh, I think I hear someone coming. – Well, Granny Pumpkin, do you have any squishies for sale? – [Granny Pumpkin] I don’t know, what’s a squishy? – Squishies are things
that you can squeeze, and it feel good to squeeze them, they look pretty, and they smell good. Oh my goodness! Is she for sale? – Yeah, she’s kind of for sale but– – It’s what I always wanted. – It has been an
incredible day with Lizzy, and right now we’re just going to kick back and watch some of our very favorite videos, her deaf journey. Click it to start watching with us. Right now, let’s start watching.

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