😰Baby Doll Lizzy Can’t Hear‼️ 🚫🎂NO PARTY⁉️🎉🚫

– Lotty, no, no! This party planning is not
going how I planned at all. I don’t even know if I can do this party. (upbeat drum music) But it’s time to put
in Lizzy’s hearing aid and I’m not quite ready for the party. Here it is. Here we go. One, two, three. (upbeat ukulele music) Okay girls, let’s see
how many are in here. One, two, four, five, 12, 20, 21. Wow, that was a lot of Shopkins to count. But, it looks like Christy,
Toria, and baby Emma will each get about eight a piece. Lizzy and Lotty have
been helping me get ready for a special happy spring day. And it just so happens
too that we just got this massive box from Moose Toys and Shopkins. Oh Lizzy, don’t worry. Oh Lotty, don’t worry. I’ll let you get down and you can play. Lizzy has her hearing aid so
she can hear me talk to her. Do you see her new hearing aids? She has been hearing so well. Well, I’ll let her go play with her sister and I’ll show you what’s in the box. (whimsical music) Moose Toys sent us this
gigantic box of Shopkins. It will be just perfect for
a happy spring day party. Beside all the little
Shopkins that you saw earlier that I was counting as party favors for this happy spring day party, there’s a huge surprise I wanna show you. Moose Toys also sent this! It’s a Happy Places set. Look at how cool this is. And on the back, there’s so many different
mystery flaps that we can open. (whimsical music) I just thought this would
be the perfect thing for our happy spring day party for Christy, Toria, and baby Emma. And, I thought that Lizzy and Lotty can help me unbox it and get
it all ready for the party. What makes this so exciting for me is that Lizzy can hear, so she can enjoy all
of the different sounds as we unbox this and
be able to understand. I’m just so excited,
let’s just jump into this and see what’s in here. Oh. But speaking of Lizzy, where did she, where could she be? She was just here. We’ve got to find her. Lizzy! The one good thing though
is that she can hear me, so hopefully we’ll find
her faster than we did before when she couldn’t hear at all. Lizzy! Lizzy! She back here? Nope. Let’s see, where else could she be? Lizzy! Oh! Well here’s Lotty. Lotty, have you seen Lizzy anywhere? At least we found Lotty. Lizzy can’t be far away. Can you help me find Lizzy? Okay. Let’s do it. Lizzy, Lizzy! Lizzy, Lizzy! (baby crying) Lizzy! (baby crying) Do you hear that? I think that’s Lizzy crying. (baby babbling) Oh no. I hope everything’s okay. Lizzy where are you? Lizzy. Are you okay, Lizzy? Why are you sad? Were you just wondering where mommy was? (gasps) Now I know why she’s sad. Lizzy did you pull out your hearing aid? No wonder you’re so sad honey, you can’t hear out of one ear. Oh, Lizzy, come here little girl. I’m so sorry. Oh no. One of my worst nightmares. Lizzy pulled out a hearing aid. (baby crying) We’re gonna have to do
some research on this. I just have no idea how
to put a hearing aid in. Oh dear. Let’s go. Whew. There’s always something with twins. Got to get her some research. I don’t know, like, if
I’ll have to take her in to get it put in or if
I can do it right away or if it’s hard to do or easy. Let’s check Google. How to put in a hearing aid. There we go. Okay, so just reading through this here, it doesn’t sound easy at all. Lizzy and Lotty, it’s gonna be okay. You girls wanna get down and crawl again? Okay. That’ll give me some time
to do some more research. You can go play with your baby toys. So based on what I’m reading, it sounds as though you have
to wait about 20 minutes to let the ear relax before
you can insert the hearing aid. Lizzy, what’s the matter? Lizzy, it’s okay, here. (gasps) Oh no. Lotty, no no no no. Lotty, no no. Oh no. Lotty just pulled out
Lizzy’s second hearing aid. Now she can’t hear at all. Lotty, we can’t pull out
sister’s hearing aid. Don’t be sad, Lizzy. It’s okay, honey. I guess now I need to wait 20 more minutes to do the other hearing aid also. This party planning is not
going how I planned at all. I don’t even know if I can do this party. All the girls coming to the party are coming in about 30 minutes. I’m not even close to being ready and I’ve got to insert
two hearing aids now. And I don’t even know if
I can insert them, like may even have to go in
and have them put in if I can’t get them in myself. And on top of that, I have a
sad baby now that can’t hear. It’s okay, Lizzy, momma’s here with you. I’m starting to get kind of
discouraged about all this. (baby crying) But I wonder if setting
up the party and looking at all the toys and unboxing
the toys might cheer her up. Well, it’s worth a shot. We have to wait about 15 minutes to insert the first hearing aid and 20 minutes to insert the second one. So, setting up the party and
seeing if it cheers them up. It’s worth a shot. You sit there, Lotty. There you go. Don’t be sad, girls. Well, having them in
their bubble will help me be able to keep a close eye on them and I have about 15 minutes to get started on setting up this party while we wait to insert
Lizzy’s hearing aid. This should be so fun, girls! Yes it will. I can’t wait to see all
that Moose Toys sent to us. Let’s see. Oh. This is what we’ve been waiting to open. Babies, come here you’ve got to see this. I am so excited because this is gonna be
the babies’ first time to pop open surprise toys. Look at this, once you
take the plastic off, there is a flap that opens and there are one, two, three, four,
five surprise Petkins. Lizzy, you can go first. Your turn Lizzy. (baby babbling) How could I have forgotten? She can’t hear. Let me see. Okay. We have about 12 minutes until her hearing aid needs to go back in. I’ll just have to show
her and explain to her like we used to have to do when she first came to
us through foster care. Okay Lizzy. What we do is we just push
here, and there’s a toy inside. There you go! There you go. Pull, pull, what is it? (gasps) Oh, how cute! It looks like a little pineapple. Okay, Lotty. Now it’s your turn to
open up the surprise toy. Which one do you wanna open, Lotty? It looks like she has her eye on this one. Okay, push it Lotty. (banjo music) Good job, Lotty. Pull pull pull, what is it? It looks like a yummy pink lemonade. I think Lizzy’s catching on. That’s right, Lizzy, it’s your turn. Open it. Good job, Lizzy! Oh, another drink accessory. How cute is that? This is just so much fun. Okay, Lotty, open yours up. Here you go. What is it, what is it Lotty? Oh my goodness it’s so cute. Try to get it out here. It’s this cute little end table. There’s just one more to open and I think I’ll do that one. This is so much fun. What could be in this big mystery door? Oh, there’s two surprises! Seriously, these little
accessories are just the cutest. But what’s so fun about this is that that’s not all in this retreat. We still have to get out the retreat. We only have about ten minutes now before we need to put
in Lizzy’s hearing aid. So we better do this quickly. (upbeat music) Just one more thing to put on, babies. This special little thing. That is the best centerpiece
we could ever wish for for our spring party. (whimsical music) Perfect. I think that looks just great. Now we’ve gotta get the goody bags done. And we’ve got about
three minutes left before we need to try those hearing aids. Okay, Lizzy and Lotty,
here’s the fun part. We’ve got to get out our
Shopkins from this box so that we can get our goody bags ready. Okay. (phone rings) Oh! That’s my phone. I’ll be right back. Girls, you can play here for a minute while I go talk on the phone. I think that’s Grandma, I won’t be long. Hi, how are you doing today? I know, right? Oh no, Lizzy, don’t do that! No Lizzy, no! I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to go. I’ll call you right back. (mischievous music) Lizzy, are you okay? Oh. I think she’s okay, but I’m
afraid to look at the mess. Oh no. How are we ever gonna find all the goodies that go in the goody bags for our party? Look! Oh my goodness. Look at this mess. It seems like just one thing
after another’s happening. I just don’t know. (sighs) Well, we’ll just tidy it up. (upbeat music) We had 26 of them, so let’s
see how many we have now. I hope we didn’t lose any. So after searching high and low, this is what I found. Two, four, six, eight, 10, 12 Petkins. And then I found two,
four, six, eight, 10, 12 of these little accessories. And one little dress for the Petkins. So 12 plus 12 plus one equals 25. And I know we had 26. I wonder where that other one is. Well, anyways we’ll have to
start putting them in bags and hopefully come
across the 26th one soon. Oh! That’s the alarm to put in
Lizzy’s first hearing aid. Oh my goodness, the party
starts in 10 minutes and that’s when the guests will arrive. But it’s time to put
in Lizzy’s hearing aid. And I’m not quite ready for the party. But we’ve gotta get this hearing aid in. Okay, Lizzy. Don’t worry. Mommy’s gonna help you get one in. We’ll put this one in first. Okay, let me brush up on
how to insert a hearing aid. Says place a little a bit to
the left and then push up. ‘Kay. I hope we can get this to work. I’ve never done hearing aids before. Here it is. Here we go. Okay, Lizzy, hold still, we can do this. We can do this. Oh don’t cry honey, don’t cry, it’s okay. Hold still. Good job. Don’t cry. Okay. I think it’s in. I think that looks right. Do you think so? Now we won’t know if she
can actually hear yet until we put the second
one on and turn it on in about five minutes. (sighs) I hope I’m doing this right. But we’ve got no time to lose. I’ve gotta get those little goody bags tied up for the guests. Okay, Lizzy. You can help me. (upbeat music) And then all we have to do is tie it up. What a fun little goody bag of
underwater Shopkins this is! There we go. Now I’ve gotta just make two more. Oh dear. Looks like Lotty is helping
me with all the string. Okay, time for the next one. Lizzy, you wanna help me? Yeah, let’s tie it up. Oh no, Lizzy. Oh no. Oh goodness. Lizzy, are you just
trying to be my helper? I hope we can pull off
this happy spring party. The twins are kind of just
undoing everything I’m doing. And we’ve gotta get that
second hearing aid in in a couple minutes. ‘Kay, we’ve gotta stay focused. Good job. That’s so nice. That’s so pretty. Yes. Oh. Oh dear, Lizzy didn’t
make as big of a mess but these twins keep on
undoing everything I do for this party. We can get it fixed up again. No worries. Place mat. Plate. Napkin. Goody bag. I think it’s ready. (alarm beeps) Oh goodness. It’s time to put in
Lizzy’s second hearing aid. And turn them on. Okay, little Lizzy. Time to put in your second hearing aid. I know, hold still honey. Hold still. Okay, okay, we can do this. Okay, hold still, almost got it in. (knocking) (gasps) (knocking) I think our guests are here. I think I got it in. But we still have to turn it on. Okay, let’s turn them on. One, two, three. Will they work? (baby babbles) Yes! They turned on! Okay. I’m so glad we were able to
get those hearing aids in. But I didn’t get everything done. We still have to test out Pearlina and her color-changing
tail and we have no treats. What is a party without treats? (upbeat music) Hi! (children screaming) Happy spring day, girls! Baby Emma happy spring day! We have a little special Shopkins
spring day party for you. – This is so cool. – [Renee] There’s yours, sweet girl. – I can’t wait to see what I got. – [Renee] Oh, that’s so
nice of you to share yours with Lizzy and Lotty, Christy. – [Christy] I like this one. – [Renee] Oh, she’s so cute. Baby Emma are you sharing
Pearlina with Lotty? – Pearlina
– She loves that. – I can’t believe Lizzy
has her hearing aids so she can hear all the
fun sounds of the party. – She has no idea the adventures we’ve had today with those hearing aids. Girls. Guess what? – [Girls] What? – [Renee] These Petkins and Pearlina have color-changing features. Do you you all want to try it out? – Yeah! – [Renee] Let’s see if it works. (Emma babbles) (sink water running) Hot water and cold water. (upbeat music) Here’s the special water. Who’s ready to see the color-changing? – Me! – [Renee] Let’s put the hot water in here. Girls, try out your Petkins. Here she goes. (upbeat music) (gasps) It turned orange instantly! Now if we put her orange
tail in the ice water, it turns back to red instantly. We can put it in the warm
water and it changes colors, and we can put it in the cold
water and it changes back. Okay, guys, while they’re having fun with the color-changing
properties of the Shopkins, let’s go work on the
last little issue we have that we didn’t quite do,
to prepare for the party. (plates clattering) What is a party without treats? We’ve gotta get treats, and someone just brought over
these special spring cookies. So let’s set them up for the girls. I think they will love them. Mm, those look delicious. (gentle music) Baby Emma sneaked out of the party and saw what I’m working on. Are you excited baby Emma? – Yeah. – Hey, I have an idea. Can you help me with a project? The cookies look good, but I’m wondering if we
can make them more special, more springlike, more Shopkin-like, if we actually decorated
the plate with Shopkins. – Yeah. – Do you think we could do that? – Yeah. – But how are we gonna get those Petkins away from Christy and Toria? They’re playing with them right now. (Emma babbles) It’s a little problem. (Emma babbles) – Do you think that you
could sneak in there and get some of those Shopkins for us? (Emma babbles) Yes, okay, baby Emma. You go get them. I hope that works and
she’s able to get some. (whimsical music) Baby Emma! Did you get some Petkins for us? (gasps) Oh my goodness! She really did. Baby Emma, you saved the party. Okay, baby Emma, let’s put those Shopkins on the cookies. (Emma babbles) – Oh yum, what did you say? Did you say yummy in my tummy? (laughs) I’ll do this little girl. There she goes. – [Emma] Cool. – Aw, can you do one too? Oh, so cute. Beautiful, baby Emma. Can you do the last one? (upbeat music) Awesome. High five, baby Emma! Okay, time to take the treats in. Ta da, happy spring day, girls! Are you so excited? – Yum! – Yum! – This is the best! – Mmm. – [Renee] Is it good? – Mmhmm. – Mm. This was on my cookie. I just love Shopkins. – Me too. – Cookie. – [Renee] You like cookies, baby Emma? (laughs) – This was the best day ever! – Lizzy’s hearing problems have been going on for a while now, so if you would like to see the story of Lizzy’s deaf journey, I’ve created this playlist just for you.

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