I’m cold So painful It hurts I’m scared I can’t take it anymore I’m hungry I can’t muster up any strength Please, help! I got it…! Let’s quickly get out of here Okay…! Ah! Kyou!! Ugh, goddamn it, let me go! N-no! Save me!! Don’t lay your hands on my little sister!! Kyou! Kyou!! Onee-chan!! In order to survive in this cruel world, we learnt the deceptive way of living. In the games you play, we will never become the disposable pieces on your chessboard. We’ll show it to you- the power of us twins combined

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10 thoughts on “【ToY-R1】Asphyxia【雨月】

  1. Mdr j'avais vu une autre participation avec Asphyxia mais la votre la surpasse de loin
    J'adore vos voix et vos aigus
    Ça décoiffe
    Très bon chant
    Supers arts
    Montage de dingo 😀

  2. I really r e al l y love this. Like idk something about the VA and the whole story aspect hit differently. This is so good♡

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