【BTS DIY】 BT21 Sleep Mask + PRINTABLE ♥! (Eng/Esp)

Hi~ I’m Cori from Koori Style. Before starting with the tutorial I have a mini announcement to make~♪ I’m going to start making drawing commissions ^.^/♥ The commissions can be Fanarts like: K-pop, anime, video games, chibis… You can follow my instagram @KooriStyle for more examples, or you can visit my site (link in the description of this video ↓) There you’ll find information of prices, timelines and sample drawings. Thank you so much for your attention ♥! Let’s continue with the video of the day ^.^/♪ Today we’ll make a sleeping mask of Koya, BT21. We’ll need some cotton fabric, of any color. You can even recycle an old shirt you don’t use anymore We’ll use dark colored felt of fabric, to block the light. Fabric or felt: purple, skyblue and white to make Koya! And elastic [measurement is from one ear to the other] Black P..ink?.. Paint! (or felt) for the eyes 😛 And I also made for you a template to print 😉 You can adjust the measures to make it bigger/smaller ↓↓ Link to the printable in the description ↓↓ Cut: 1 piece of cotton, 1 of dark fabric, 1 of blue fabric. Cut: 2 blue ears, 2 white small ears and a purple nose 🙂 Let’s arrange the pieces in the order shown in the video. I’ll use some pins to set the elastic in place . More pins to hold all the fabrics into place. It’s time to sew (by hand or machine) from this point… …to this point, DON’T sew the “x” zone 😛 Let’s cut the leftover(?) fabric, DON’T cut the elastic nor thread. It’s time to “flip” the inside like this. Next step is to close the top gap like this ↑ Sewing time (by hand or machine) :3 The ears are a little bit uneven, I’ll fix them with scissors. You can use glue or hot glue to stick the ears together. For the eyes use black paint or felt, I’ll use paint. Let dry and it’s done! (I should have ironed the fabric ^^;) I made this mask for a trip I’ll make, but if you want me to make the rest of BT21 let me know in the comments♥ I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial ^.^/ If you did please click the like button and subscribe ♥. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon! Bye bye ♪

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