♥ LEGO Disney Princess Belle VAMPIRE NIGHTMARE (Halloween Costume, Pie Disaster, Royal Dress..)

Oh! Hm, I’m out of the lightbulbs. I can probably ask Merida if she has a spare. Merida? Oh no! Merida! Cinderella, you too? Elsa! Elsa! Belle! What’s wrong? Vampires! Cinderella… Merida… They… Not just them, Belle Belle! Belle! Belle! You were having a nightmare.“ It was just a dream. No, no, no, no, no! This is not good enough for the lunch with my prince! Belle, I found something that will definately help you Magic cook book? What is that? Add a bit of taste, a little flavor and this book will do you a favor. Cook it all with a lot of love let it’s magic guide you straight above… Great! With this book I’ll make the best lunch ever! I will take that cook book and I will make the evilest cake in the world! Whoever takes a bite will be under my spell! Quickly! Take the magic book! What? Where is it?“ Hmmm, where is this book? They stole it! Madam Mim’s minions! Belle this cake is delicious. I hope you didn’t go through to too much trouble. Oh hello there! I’m sorry I’m working really hard on my costume for the Halloween party I’m attending. Do you want to know what I’m going as? Do you? Well… Halloween party? Best costume wins candy prize! Oh, yaaay! I’ll make the best costume and win the candy! Let’s go, Lumiere! Of course! And so, I ran into every store I could find and bought every fun looking and most beautiful fabric you can imagine. Then I bought a lot of make-up because… Well, you can’t have a costume without make-up! Oh no! I need a wand! I can’t be a magical fairy without a wand! Belle, what’s wrong? I want to to be a beautiful fairy for Halloween, but I don’t have a magical wand Now go and enjoy your Halloween! Yaaay! I was all ready to make my amazing costume! I’m going to the party! I’m sure I’ll win that candy with my costume. Happy Halloween everyone! Hello! Are you ready for the big knitting contest I prepared for us today? Now we’ll see who can make the prettiest dress for the prince’s ball Let’s do this! Hey, I can do that! Are we done? Oh, no! Don’t worry, we’ll fix it together! Nice!“, „Nice!“, „Yaaay!“, „Amazing, amazing! The Royal Baking delegation is making a baking competition and we’re invited! Let’s all go make the best cake we can! Great! Bye, bye!“

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