► LEGO Donald Duck als Batman – NEU STOP-MOTION deutsch sub

[Music] I should have known you are behind this I have something special this time for you I am tired of your games it’s time I stopped you for good yes I have a surprise for you oh it’s getting s now daddy I’m going to school listen mommy didn’t have time to iron my Batman shoes and I need to look great at the kindergarten party can you do it um please please pretty please okay okay now wrong to school you’ll be late hmm I could probably be a hero too who is Batman here he comes it’s time for action [Music] dog poop nevermind the people need me and the hero is never late even with all his shows hi neither MA cut your training give us some money we’ll take your crotch No someone please help me here I come to save the day who are you I am Beth – Beth Donald I never heard of you before did you know did you know Here I am can you go and let us do our job job yes and it’s a hard one finding the weak ones trying to scare them stealing the little they have spending the money on shorter drinks so that drinks yes we love soda drinks we fell in love with them at first taste right yes no more talk give us the money and you get lost what Wow okay okay let’s make a deal I give you some money not too much you see we have needs too just a little so you turn your eyes away look like look at that cat do you see how beautiful she is exactly just look there for a couple of minutes in the cat’s eyes while we wrote this alternate I can see the cat she has really beautiful blue eyes now I know why my wife loves these types of cats but I still can’t see you taupe you are still on my visual tab okay then look at that part isn’t she gorgeous oh yeah do you still see us no no not really perfect what kind of hero will I be if I don’t save this person oh just shut up I’m tired of listening I’m going to write my own app sure you just go home kappa hero it’s time to give the costume back to your kid but how do you know it’s his costume [Music] Oh

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One thought on “► LEGO Donald Duck als Batman – NEU STOP-MOTION deutsch sub

  1. Nice! We have a LEGO fan section for our channel where people can submit videos to be uploaded to help promote there channel. You should submit your video. 🙂

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