⌚ LEGO Star Wars ◄ Storm Trooper Watches Black Friday 2016

Today!? – Lego and Star Wars watch deals! – Oh yeah!
(woman laughs) (upbeat piano music) – Yep! Still holdin’
the boxes like an idiot! Hi. I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Casey. – You are no idiot. You hold the boxes, you do whatever you want when.
– I’m comfy holding them. – You know when I do it
people are just like, “Alright, still the same shot.” I find huge deals every day. No companies pay us to talk about them. Lego, Star Wars, they’re not paying us, although I wish they would,
cause then I’d have money! But, I am here to save you a lot of money on the deals that I find every day which are located right
under this video screen are also part of a huge giveaway. – [Casey] Yup, and at
the end of this video we’re giving away three
Lego and Star Wars watches. – If you are a subscriber with
your notifications turned on we will hook you up before we get to this and an amazing demonstration from someone that is actually old enough to
use and enjoy these watches. And I think I’m way too old
to be even holding these, but I’m still gonna wear one for you. For me, I don’t have kids yet although I am looking to procreate next year. My wife is watching. There you are, 2017! I have nephews who are adorable. By the way, actually, I want to show you this photo right now. This is my nephew and Sam is
going to get a Star Wars watch and his brother Jack maybe
if he changes his attitude. What about you? You babysit for kids. – Mmm-Hmm. – Would you use this as a holiday gift? – Definitely, I think so. Yeah, especially with my
mom being a teacher too I feel like she could give these away to some of her students. – That’s a really nice teacher. – Mmm-Hmm, yep, she is, she’s great. – We love you teachers.
(Casey laughs) I want to show you the price first. – [Matt] As low as 18
bucks with free shipping or $19.99 depending on how many you buy. The scratch and water resistant, plus the highly sought-after
Star Wars collectible models are part of the mix. These deals located right
under this video screen. Now here is an epic response to this deal. – [Children] Hi Matt! – I’m Luciana The Deal Girl,
and this is my brother Luca and this is my sister Seraphina, and by the way, I’ve been
waiting for this all year. Lego watches, awesome! Yes… So what do you like about your Lego watch? – It’s… I like it, so it’s pretty cool. – [Luca] It’s pretty cool
and you can turn the dial. – So this Lego watch
is for ages six and up or four and up whichever
you prefer to choose and, by the way, I’m Luciana The Deal Girl, and, bye Matt! – [Children] Bye! – [Matt] Each watch comes
with its own figurine, so just some of the ones available. And you saw Lucy wearing this watch which I believe she tested. Now in terms of the Star Wars watch I just want to show you
what I like about these and that’s the fact that one, a kid actually learns how to tell time or an adult in my case, and two, you never outgrow the watch. Now I’m gonna extend this band
simply with more Lego pieces and then I’ll be able to
put this around my wrist. There you go! And I’m gonna put a Star
Trooper figurine right here, and I’m just ready for a
great night of clubbing. It’s located right
under this video screen, just expand the description
box and also don’t forget to turn your notifications on. We will totally hook you
up with deals and freebies and all of your Black
Friday door-busters early. Oh, let me check my Lego watch! Casey, what time is it? – Giveaway time! – [Matt] Using TubeBuddy’s
random selection tool to find subscribers who had
their notifications turned on and who have commented
in the last six months. Congratulations Mrpricklypear! I assume that’s your real name
and we love Casey as well. Congratulations Pas69 and our third winner for
today, congratulations goes to, Kizzu137! Just email [email protected] for your free Lego watch. Now here is the most
amazing subscriber dance. – This is for you. Five, four… one, two, three, four! (Luciana sings)
♫ You won it, you won it! (Luca sings)
♫ You won it, you won it! – ♫ We don’t want it, you won it! ♫ You gotta come back! ♫ Gotta gotta gotta
gotta gotta gotta stop! – [Matt] To join the deal club and get access to huge freebies
click here to subscribe and make sure you turn your
alerts on so you get every Black Friday door-buster
guaranteed in stock and turn your notifications on. For a mobile device, click the little bell after you’re subscribed
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and email alerts on so you can win Black
Friday and Cyber Monday.

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100 thoughts on “⌚ LEGO Star Wars ◄ Storm Trooper Watches Black Friday 2016

  1. how sturdy / strong are the lego connections? I would love to get these for family.. worried about longevity. Can you please test them?

  2. great deal, you got good deals on small stuff but i need a new car can you find me a great not good but great deal on a car or when is the best time to buy one…..

  3. Awesome "time" watching this video! Lucy and her crew did an excellent job. Great deal on this! Thanks Matt & Casey!

  4. This video brought out the kid in me! GREAT WATCH with some pretty AWESOME kids.
    Luciana: "You won it! You won it! (Luca: "You won it! You won it!) We all won it! You won it! You gotta come back! Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, stop!"
    Rock on, kiddos! 😀

  5. the channel that makes give hunting so easy. enjoy the channel & everybody on the MVP team.. looking forward to the black Friday & cyber Monday deals..

  6. oh my gosh how cool! I have 4 year old twin Granddaughters who would love this! Casey good job! kids are very cute, got your dance down pat!

  7. Wow great deal. My sons want one so bad. At this price, they will definitely get one. Thanks Matt and The Deal Kids, they're so adorable.

  8. Nice job with the kid watches. Great job bringing the kiddos into the video as well. Kids love their watches, especially when they are cool like these ones.

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