МИР СОНИКА в LEGO Dimensions! #1

Hello, scouts. With you Qewbite. And welcome in Lego dimensions. This is the world of Sonic! Welcome to 2017. This, incidentally is my first video in the new year. Because I’ve only done congratulations.Congratulated you, and went to celebrate New year. Like you, in principle. Now I’m back. A little rest and in General, you are happy, I will be glad to see your activity in the comments. We are now in the world of sonic. As I promised when we go through the Story… sonic not to lay He. You know, not rested after the holidays, after New year’s specifically. Although the holidays are still going on. In General, we are now in the world of sonic will take place. I promised that after the story we’re going to play necessarily. By the way, I want to see super..wait, don’t run, please.I want to see “Super-form Sonic”. How do we do that? Hmm… Wow, what? his was blow ? How did I not know this? Amazing! His..I couldn’t to do this in the storyline, in my opinion. How include…uh… “Super-Sonic”, I honestly don’t know yet. Okay, okay. We’ll deal with it. Here is race And of course… Well, look how huge the world. That is, all such 3D. Oh, there…there are many places. We’ll see..Try to find characters, because they have a job ,from The Tails,Knuckles, Shadow,this is Amy, it’s all all all in General. We’ll see,I want to look for them, because ,the work certainly has. Moreover, we have a mini-map. So, quietly, quietly.Us here..Uh…Us he..I bugging .It’s good. Not very convenient, because sonic is incredibly fast.And manage hard.So wait, .us here, us here, fast, fast. Preferably more..Wait, what the hell? How am I going to do? Okay, thank you. And as usual, I’ll play, we’ll be something to discuss with you because, just run around and comment a bit.. well it would be boring here, at least. Today I want to discuss games that will be released in 2017. In particular, Lego games, because, see, now lego sets came out, but I still can’t buy them in any way. Because in my city they are not, I need to go to another city now in short, it is impossible to do. I think I already lost, right? Because, I… Yes, I lost… In short, okay. We won’t pass this race. Let those yet. In General, I can’t go to another city, buy new lego sets. There, Lego Batman, there’s a new super hero sets. I will do it soon. Because, well, I need you to show them. I hope someone at least from me, is waiting. Then, of course, we will soon LEGO Batman. Sets already out, but the film will be released in February. He also needs to wait. Because we have a LEGO worlds, it seems… Oh…there is a small.Yeah.Building, we have 800000? Seriously?jukebox let’s do it.Music thing In General, Yes, omochao, and… of course, I also expect the lego worlds, which will be released fully. It will be released on all consoles. That is, even now, as you remember, I showed it to. And you really liked these videos. I would love to continue showed Oh, here’s a track you can… Okay. The simpsons, you can choose gremlins. Okay, here everything is closed. Oh, there’s sonic. A bunch of sonics Oh… Cool! Something I, I tried once to do it in “Back to the future” world, but somehow I didn’t work. Okay, okay. Go ahead. Here, too, there are some portals that are buildings. We need to look for characters Definitely.Because I want to find them, to see what kind of job generally there That’s what I want to say… we have to go the fantastic beasts. Because we have… Damn it! This thing need the time You need to make sure! Now, you will see, there is a red block. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Time, time, time! Damn! Damn! It is not convenient. It look very fast! Specially made for sonic because she is much slower I have time, I will. Yes!So.. I gathered!Cool! It was very cool here, fantastic beasts we will go through. Because there is a secret Easter eggs with the Flash! That is, the serial Flash. I will pass until sure will show everything, because I want to do it. And we need up and here it is. Omochao, Hello! What you need to build? Tell me Eggmobile ride? Come on 50.000 we have is money, is MONEY. So, let’s finish. Even help him. Eggman. A super way Egman’a Okay, and we are able to ride, or something like that? No? All? Oh, no! Stop! We can sit! Okay! I have to press..my God.. this is seriously a game? Um.. I just had while pressed? And, okay, okay. I thought they need at a certain time, I don’t know. Okay, I’m still alive!It’s like a Rodeo. Type, bull. It’s faster! Seriously, faster! ahem..did Not have time. Not that pressed. Slowly. What? Seriously, there’s a bunch of mini games like these. It is necessary to find characters, because I’m sure they would be a cool job! Yes. What about lego worlds? We…I … it showed that you liked it, but there is now nothing special to show. Updates have not come out. That is, they are preparing for the official release. That is, the game is specifically released, and it is wonderful! I’m definitely waiting. So, we can look to run? For this you need some acceleration. I climbed! So, yeah. I will waiting for lego worlds + I’m still waiting, of course lego city undercover…Here we have shadow! His first task. REVENGE! Okay! If you want stop, read. I understand, understood,understood. All good, Yes, take the job.Definitely. Damn, why can’t I for him to play? It would be incredibly cool, although that’s purely the team.I mean, sonic’s friends, etc. One could, somehow,know at least, well, in a mission to run. It would have been good! Unfortunately, you can only play as sonic, only sonic.It’s all a shame. Even, Tails can’t try, though tornadoes have with us. In General, the game is a little off. For this, I show you again. Naturally, I took a case with figures. Because they are of use here. I picked up the savage. We plant flowers, and now we have these flowers with a tornado, that is, with this aircraft Tails. Great we have to deliver. That is, in pots. So, now I sit, wait.Ha! Here, even the Tails are sitting. So, okay. What is the first? I think there has already been planted already here are some. Let’s look at the colors. Because, I’m not sure that they randomly. So, here’s a bright purple. Okay, there was a flower. Here at dark violet, light violet, and yellow Well, let’s take this one. Look, I’m not sure on the color. And look! It’s just done great! Here, again. If we return to the theme of the lego worlds, then..well..damn, if there was such a mission, it would be really cool! But, there is such an abundance of characters, there’s just lego characters But, all the same. There, but you can build, right? There really also have something to do. But there are no missions. That’s where their absolutely no. Here the mission is still, of course adds some coolness! More, you can just run, collect. So, okay. I’ve planted. Yes, apparently the colors.Yes, I see, all right. We were told that the shadows that we set. Come on, don’t know. Anyway, let’s take yellow. Yellow. Okay. So, where we still have the point? That’s right behind us there is a point somewhere in the distance at all. Here it is. Let’s fly. I already flew until now found Knuckles. We will have his task more feasible, because…well, it’s cool! Yellow, yellow, yellow. I see. I took even that’s right, listen.Quiet! Quiet! It’s very hard. On the very fact. It’s like a mission in GTA vice city. Helicopter here about the same really.Just not very convenient. So, what do we have? lego city undercover I say, which will be released in the spring. Further, there seems to be a game for guardians of the galaxy. But, this, know, again my assumption. I mean, I’ve talked about this that maybe it will, maybe it will not. So, there is left the last. So, if it is, then it would be great. We will have the Lego-year. Because, look. We have LEGO city undercover one. LEGO Batman LEGO dimensions two. Maybe even a separate game for Batman, because there were rumors. But, that’s not true. Now, I think that is unlikely. Here. Then we have lego worlds, and that’s probably Guardians of the galaxy, that is. Where? Where? Where you going? Here some General waterfall. Strange. We obviously are not here.So, wait a minute. Yes where is this? It is that under water? But, damn. Barely will find the way possibly there is even some underwater world. Now, is this lego year + I still don’t know what will happen in the 2nd half of 2017. That is, while many games + and there is still the spider will have us! Game spider on PS4 Well, apparently he was pleased that we fulfilled his task, planting flowers. We were given a gold block! Wonderful! If you like level sonic if you like the way I play is free, along with sonic, then be sure to keep a like. Of course I still want to try, how can we make As the same “Super-Sonic” enable Damn, well, it’s right now. No, the jump does not help. Maybe need to do something, or delay the impact of some Here…here also nothing. Damn, that is weird. Still, he somehow turns on okay. Maybe it’s for the right moment. Let’s go find…Wait. Here we have someone near? Where is he? He’s probably at the bottom? Look there is someone the job, but Here! I didn’t see you,sorry, Big, please. I didn’t notice, really. Here there is the tomb, damn it! Well, it’s damn interesting, I want to go, though, to see what we got. go,go,go Some maze, guys! It’s all very scary. Wow! Download even level Sandopolis, well, I understand. And here’s a really awesome location. amazing! Okay, I understand. We need to look for ghosts…sonic was like, “Ahh, I don’t want to do it.” I don’t know, maybe will go next time. Let’s, I guess…Oh! Damn, this is so awesome! I wanted Knuckles job, okay Knuckles will leave then for later. If you want, I still must play. And here do we need Batman. Imagine IMAGINE! Here we need Batman, where we have Batman? Somewhere here it was hidden. Here it is! Wonderful! Our Batman…Here put. Here! So, lego is the year wait necessary, sets a lot! There were so many! I’m glad this! A lot of games – it’s cool! Believe me. When there is something to play with, that’s great. Needed to take to get Gandalf. Because here apparently need all the main characters. So! Here, we review and do yourself a small ladder, my God! How many are there? And stone is? Seriously? Well, really the whole level did. Yeah. Yellow here, purple here, probably on the purple go, I almost cried. Is turquoise. Well, go on purple. Batman, because there for him all the same. Detail. I moved, and I for him not playing, I realized why I couldn’t make it. Hey! I you moved. Th you indulge. Okay, first Ghost I opened. And here, probably for several characters. That is, for each character the main story there is a special assignment. The special location. Well, okay. Okay. Now we all do. Here. And it’s dark. And he hits me. I have to highlight, and it should make the Gandalf. Well, okay. Let it be so. Gandalf, you have to open, I can’t from here to get out. Seriously. Okay, that was weird And I can keep, for example? And Batman won’t do anything. There! I blinded him! All! One we captured. We destroyed it, found the block. Wonderful! Now, how do we from here out? Okay, let’s try to move on turquoise Gandalf. I think it will help. What do we have here? This thing is not moving well. Or she will need to move, Oh, Hey, Batman! I don’t know how you got out, but Hey, sonic Hello! Now, look, dramatically Op. Let’s do this!Wow! What do we have here? Here again, you need to Shine, here you need to open. So, who do we have here? Here the lever, and this lever opens there. I have quickly run again, Oh my God. There is a lot of work for Gandalf. Now. Run. Run. Did not have time! Okay, I understand. Again. So, wait! Focused, gaining strength and…one, two. So, how to do it quickly? It does not actually do! I can’t even to that little clearance to drop. Now we’ll try again. Yeah. So. Dragged, but I can with another character? No, no. Look, he let go, if I try to switch Come on! How to let go? There! Popped in! Popped in! All I destroyed her. Phew, it wasn’t easy, by the way. One to do it. So, it is good. And how am I going to go? Come on yellow. There we have a Savage. The savage here, Gandalf here, I don’t know who need to. There need Gandalf again. Great. I said a lot of work for him. Hi, I know you’re here. Come on out. All, we are 3 blocks found. According to the idea, perhaps we have fulfilled all the job in this tomb that? Ah! I understand, cool! That is, we collected different parts of the gold block. Great! And how do we get out? This is the main problem. Now I will try. Damn, wait a minute, what we really get out? What should I do? Maybe you need to jump in here. Can’t. Had! I had the most important thing. Hey, Omochao. We’re leaving. Or leave us here. Yes, all of it. Phew, we passed the tomb, and know. I think this is probably generally worth finishing. Because we have completed the job shadow. We passed the tomb, and it already + I have ran, it takes time. Now, if you enjoy free with sonic, see more here how many characters are there. Big, that’s for sure. There’s Knuckles, that’s for sure! here, I am sure there are Amy and Tails Here, I began to get confused by the names and many jobs are still third party That is, if you like it, then be sure to keep and write about it in the comments and subscribe to the channel that would not miss the new videos. But I am definitely going to do more videos for you guys in the new year. Thank you all, bye! *Funny song*

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