Куколка Соня Урок 7.1 продолжение

so we glue the second row with you
already managed to put on shoes and now we are we’ll start further cut again here
here on the back you can compare these can be cut off
cut on them we don’t care to cut them all in a pile now can cut crookedly
but then we will all correct Now we are cutting it so that we
tress not take the whole these here little things we are here now
glue again we have already glued here so we will just glue a little bit
so that we could not see here of these
white stripes they stick very badly to glue which
pistol let them be here even shorter than
total hair they will us volume create total volume overall background I didn’t turn on the gun, now we’ll
wait when it warms up just dry bye so bye so not so beautiful but that’s it
soon the main thing is changing that they are with us also under the gun they will keep under
with this tress that sticks on top and since the play doll
her hair should be thicker not fall out while there is an opportunity and time
clean with the wand because when it becomes clogged she glues poorly then glue the tresses also start
from here again 1cm rise from
glued tressaa and glue on so as well as the second, we also reach
angle here we turn and go
glue everything next so we probably just don’t have enough
will have to take one more a master class without embellishment if I shot
I would have cut it out of course all this moment as I am suffering here with
glue but you see the sound is coming I’m talking I don’t immediately voice it later
and now it was going to be cut very difficult almost impossible but
you forgive me the main thing is to sew a doll tell the main result is important here I am with you now tormenting simply with you
with his glue gun since it’s already impossible to pull it out
there ends a piece it is necessary like this as we come here again and butt to butt
I do it and cut it off doesn’t want it so now we will have to cut off again
and stick another layer that’s all of us cut off chopped Do you remember that in front we don’t cut
what shape hangs but only at the back we cut then we will equalize now glue
again starting from the corners with these where I don’t even know where to cut need to cut here Now
glue on we retreat a centimeter and glue it here
here we are already going to go closer to the crown approach the crown turn in time hot glue such a long process is long if
glue would be nice to glue then I would quickly already pasted for a long time see what happens
something incredible therefore sticks long so now we
we turn and glue here here and cut how much flowed out right away pooh girls I’m tired so further on we will be gluing with
you the crown of the head and all this will be joint to joint go a meter of 20 centimeters will be required here we are right
5 mm back and glue tres 5 mm from the tress that
we are glued the process went but not in that side so now glue in a circle and already
in front, we also do not retreat behind step back a little two or three
millimeter we rise, we don’t cut anything here
start to climb up and glue butt to butt everywhere ended with me over tress not
I know how you ended I’ll take a new one now all in glue everything around me in glue because glue is flowing like that
so now we’ll stick this little round in a circle butt to butt nothing is going anywhere
the ninth and we will get threads circumcised they got out of here okay
let’s see what happens next I think here not even 20 centimeters will go away
and smaller 15 centimeters I have so rarely been without a camera as
the camera turns on all sorts of different things happen they don’t want to work then try one more time there why are we so tormented by girls for
so that you can make the doll tails only
tails that are not visible there was neither a head nor from these tracks
stripes nothing to be seen by you and me
you need to make hair like this so we come to the finale now come now
now let’s do it with you the next centimeters
cut off probably 8 centimeters him in a roll here is this piece I put it in my head
it’s hard to get burned so you can inspect it
with a thread, that is, a needle with a thread was taken and found so wrapped fixed with a thread
coiled fixed I already did habitual become denser than us just leave a little
to work with you so we wind up we wind up when we approach
already to the pumpkin to our to the hole grease with glue this whole section and stick a little thing there
this which we wound now I’m still on it
a drop of glue and that’s how it was inserted there and pressed even
fix everything else with a needle then remove stick a needle right there all the girls we did it all unnecessary
remove and then in a circle I will show you how to straighten it all out
we got a girl

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11 thoughts on “Куколка Соня Урок 7.1 продолжение

  1. Как я соскучилась по Вашему голосу и Вашим куклам! Елена, Вы прекрасная!!!!

  2. Обхохочешся с вашим пистолетом! Скиньте адрес я вам подарю новый пистолет! С уважением Галина Бут.

  3. Que linda queria muito uma bonequinha dessa,muito obrigada Elena por nos ensinar ,até logo.👍👍👏👏❤❤❤💋💋

  4. Лена а как вы боритесь с белым налётом от клея. Я думаю что у вас тоже бывает такая проблема

  5. Без труда.невынешь и рыбку из пруда.Трудовой процесс.Внутри что-то застряло и застыло в пистолете,у меня так было,пока муж не разобрал и не вынул.

  6. Елена когда кончается клей,я карандаш простой втыкаю,и клей израсходуется до конца ,а потом новый клей вставляю новый.

  7. Как вы придумали то круто… одними прядками мне не понравилось… тресами пробелы…а так комбиноровать круто . 👍

  8. Мне ваше видео нуууу просто по кайфу. ..сама так мучаюсь ….то то… то это… а это просто творческий процесс…

  9. My heart went out to you ..This was a struggle..Most of the girls who make wigs for their dolls use a strong wet glue as it’s faster for them..not many use a glue gun..I am sure she will look beautiful when she’s finished though as all your dolls do 😀

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